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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 10)

May '21
Volume Ten

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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A Taoiseach for in-between
by Kresh Nagar

In the wake of the resignation of Taoiseach Jaytilla on the 30th of March, halfway into his term, a by-election to determine the head of government for the remainder of the term was declared. The standing period began on the 1st of April, remaining open until the 6th and seeing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Loller KM Corleone, as well as citizens of Caer and Founders of regions of their own, Josh and Yamez standing for the position.

Loller presented an election campaign focused on continuing the plans of the Jaytilla administration and promising increased RMB activity, as well as one Discord, Forum and Interregional event each. Joshs campaign offered his wealth of experience and outsider perspective, as well as emphasizing that due to the nature of the by-election, making large plans for the region would be dishonest. In contrast, the campaign of Yamez turned out to be an elaborate endorsement of Loller, writing a parody of "It's Tricky" by RUN DMC (1984) in which he recommends voting for Loller over him, citing his status as founder and administrator of Cyrannus Star System as to why he would be too busy to do the position justice.

The election proper lasted from the 7th to the 9th of April. In it, Loller KM Corleone was elected Taoiseach with 71% of votes.

On the very same day, the new head of government announced his cabinet, mostly retaining Jaytillas Ministers, with Peaches, Tenurium and Krytore continuing their service as Tanaiste, Minister of Communication and co-Minister of Culture respectively, and moving Icarus from her position as co-Minister of Cultural Affairs to take his former job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while welcoming Mzeusia into the ranks of the government as the new second member of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Having fun with the British!
by LollerLand

Caer Sidi and the United Kingdom organised a five days long festival from April 21st to 25 for their citizens. The festival's aim was to bring the communities of both the regions closer and to have fun in the process.

The Joint Discord Festival had a packed schedule of events organised in a manner that is accessible to the most number of timezones. The five days long festival featured events such as Jackbox, Skribbl, Krunker, Secret Hitler, Telephone, Quizzes, etc along with spam games.

The festival had a leaderboard that scored attendees based on the number of events they participated in and for winning those events. Icarus from Caer Sidi finished on top of the leaderboard with 459 points, followed by Owen from United Kingdom with 423 points and Akillian from United Kingdom with 379 points.

Updates from The Autumnal Court
by Lord of Autumn LollerLand

Although there has been a dip in activity compared to the months before, The Autumnal Court was nevertheless involved in seven different military operations. During this period, TAC also did joint ops with our friends at Europeian Republican Navy and United Kingdom. TAC also participated in the occupation of Equestria and provided pilers in the occupation of Prima Victoria.

The Autumnal Court also recently got a brand new flag! There was a consensus amongst the leadership and the troops that the old flag was not that good. Caer Sidi's Sumer Queen, Aynia Moreaux, made three different designs for our consideration and a vote was held amongst the Ceithern and Taic Forsa to choose the best one among that to be used as our flag. In the coming months, TAC will be focusing on increasing its activity levels further and boosting its membership numbers.

Maple's Maybe Random Thoughts
by Eareamland

Hey, Vsauce! Maple here.
If we had an object who had one particle here and
one at the other end of the milky way, as well as
1 in the center, what would it's mass,
density and volume be?

Let's think about this. The Milky Way's radius is 52,850 light years.
That is a lot. It means we have 1 particle 52 thousand light years
away from another particle.

This means the Volume...
IS 6.1833412803448E+14 cubic meters.

For the atoms/particles, let's say it's Hydrogen.
1 Hydrogen atom is 1.007825 u.
We have 3 hydrogen atoms in a line of 105,700 lightyears.

Let's keep going, we're almost there.

The mass. Mass is Volume times density, meaning the mass
is 3.104407e-12 kilograms. AKA 1.86951776e+15 Dalton.

Boi. This was hard, but fun. Let's recap:
mass: 1.86951776e+15 Dalton
density: 5.0205979e-27 Dalton/m (I lost the figure it might be
this iirc)
volume:6.1833412803448E+14 cubic meters

Ask Aynia Anything
by Aynia Moreaux

1. Which is your favourite movie?

That's a hard one! I'm not going to go with my current favourite movie, because I haven't seen any movies in a while. I'll just list my top few, in no particular order:

1. My Neighbor Totoro - I used to watch this on repeat when I was a kid, my mom couldn't stand it
2. Thor Ragnarok - God it's so cheesy and campy and I love it so much
3. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 - I had to have watched this movie upwards of 30 times, and even though the later ones went downhill, the original is still a classic to me
4. Balto (1995 animated) - This shows my age, but I remember when this came out and I got it for Christmas, and I would watch it repeatedly because it made me feel so inspired.
5. Howls Moving Castle - It's just so awesome, fantastical and such a good story. Also how can you go wrong with Miyazaki?

2. How many languages can you speak?

I can speak a few languages fluently. English, Midwestern, Canadian, and Sarcasm. I also can speak/read a little Spanish and read a little French.

3. Do you have any ideological leanings when it comes to NS Gameplay?

What are the ideologies of Gameplay again? I feel like people just kind of make them up and assign them to themselves as needed, lol.

I guess you could say I started off secretly kind of loving imperialism and a constitutional monarchy structurally. It was a reflection of my original region, it's sphere and allies and how it worked and it made an impression on me. Nowadays I'm pretty fiercely independent with my alignment and I don't see any benefit of sticking strictly to one ideology all the time. I feel that different situations need to be handled as individual situations, considering the individual circumstances surrounding them and what's best and works well for that particular community. For example I feel there's a place for raiding, there's a place for defending. There's a time to get moralist and there's a time to protect your sovereignty and independence. Some people prefer democracy and can really make that work. Some people prefer meritocracy and can really make that work. It depends on your goals and the goals of your community members.

4. During the Roman Triumvirate of 42 BCE, what region of the Roman Republic was given to Lepidus?

Well...uh... furiously googles... Ah! Yes! Of course it was...Numidia??? Right? nods head

5. What animal do you like better, a mammoth or an elephant?

Well, I've never seen a real mammoth in real life, but I have seen an elephant in real life, and the short answer is this question is pretty hard because I like both. I'm really intrigued by what I know of the intricate social structure of elephants, but I'm also intrigued by all the things we don't know yet about mammoths. If I had to pick one though, I'd say I probably like elephants more, just because I know more about them, and they're so adorable and awesome and empathetic and have an amazing societal structure. Though! If you'd like to know a little more fun facts about mammoths right before they went extinct, there's a great article you can find right here from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA regarding 'Timing and causes of mid-Holocene mammoth extinction on St. Paul Island, Alaska'.

6. Do you think R&D is a good thing for new players to get into?

For new, newbies who have no clue what the games about? IMO, probably not really, but then again I come at things from a more community driven point of view. I think that if you come into the game and that's the type of community you are drawn to, and you get enveloped in that community and make friends there, and they take the time to teach you, be gentle with you and get to know you, then it can be a fun and positive learning experience. My experience with TGW was a good experience. They were patient with me learning defending. They were fun to be around. They were all around just fun. Now, this is no means some kind of ringing endorsement from me that every single person needs to run and join the Wardens because they are the best, because not every org is for everyone, but I personally had good experiences. I also have had good experiences with TBH. If you'll allow me a play on words, tbh, TBH can come across a little rough around the edges sometimes, but I truly believe they have a bunch of good eggs. I've also had bad experiences with both defending and raiding groups. I remember a raiding group I got into that completely took advantage and shattered me, and they shall not be named. I've known several players that got their starts from R/D groups, and they've went on to make successful careers both inside and outside the R/D sphere.

I think the dynamic between R/D is at times very nuanced, and at times very in your face and ridiculous, and it's the times when it gets ridiculous when it has the most potential to be harmful to new players. There's a special responsibility that falls onto the leaders and officers of R/D organizations to keep that mentality and toxicity at bay, from both the old guard and to protect their newbies from falling prey to it. So I guess the tl;dr answer is, it's not a bad thing to get your start in R/D, as long as you find your people, and you realize when they're your people and when it's time to cut the cord and find somewhere else for your own sake.

7. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well dear reader, what an interesting question, with an interesting answer!! According to a study done by Cornell University, a woodchuck 'chucks' about 700 pounds of dirt while making it's burrow. So if you equate that to wood, a woodchuck chucks about 700 pounds. However, the density of dirt ranges from 76lb/ft3 for loose, dry dirt to 115lb/ft3 for steady mud, and the density of wood can be as low as ~7lb/ft3 or lower for woods such as Balsa, and as high as 83lb/ft3 for hardwoods like Ebony. So assuming that the woodchucks are chucking somewhat loose, somewhat dry soil out of their burrows and we are equating that to chucking at least a pretty hard wood so the densities match, then it would equate to roughly 700 pounds of wood.

A poem
by Mzeusia

Setting Sail

From grassy hills we push off
From windy climes we depart
Some leave their soul
And others their heart

You ask where we're headed
There's no answer to give
But the one that says West
To a new place to live

Don't wonder what shall the weather be like
Nor if the people will smile or scowl
The future is misty and shadowed
So row on and look to the now

Soon all your worries will fade
And your arms will be no longer sore
But only if we can make landfall
So take a breath and go grab an oar

Yes, the storms will arrive
And Sirens will sing out your name
But against rough waters keep steady
And you'll never notice the rain

In fact, it's not raining at all
And the water is no longer grey
I can see big fish in the water
The water that glitters in day

But hey, what is this, that sight and that smell?
A beach over there with fresh bread
Maybe we can join them for lunch
And shade under a tree before bed?

Citizen of the month: Maple
by Taoiseach LollerLand

Maple has quickly become a familiar face in Caer Sidi! His goofy attitude and his dog 'Cappu' makes him stands out as an individual. Maple is a very talented individual who also recently created a small game of his own called Catfarm. Interacting Maple will always leave you with a smile because pleasant and happy demeanor. In short, Maple is a gem and we love him!

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Mzeusia (Mzeusia)

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