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Stepwise Guide to NationStates for New Players
Step 1: Answering Issues
  • To answer issues, go to this page: page=dilemmas This corresponds to the “Issues” icon at the top of your screen.

  • As a new nation, you will always start out with 5 issues. These will appear as newspaper headlines. Click on these to go to the issue.

  • Once on the page, to answer an issue, click the button below the option which you want to choose.

  • If you do not like any option, click “Dismiss” near the bottom.

  • Return to the original issues page to answer a new issue.

  • If you have no more issues, the issues countdown will inform you the amount of time until you receive a new one.

Step 2: Choosing a Region
  • Many regions will be recruiting you. Go to this page: page=telegrams to see all their recruitment telegrams.

  • To read a telegram, click on one.

  • If you like the region they describe, move to it by going to the bottom of the telegram and clicking the button that says “Move [Yournation] to [Region]”

  • If you don’t like that region, move to a new region by going back to your telegram page and finding a new telegram.

  • If you don’t like any of the regions listed, move to one you want to by going to this page:[region]
    Replacing “[region]” with the region you’d like to move to. Next, click the following button about a quarter of the way down the screen:
  • If you’d like to make your own region, go to this page: page=create_region . Please note that you should only do this once you are experienced (aka not right away), as to run a good region, you need a lot of skills that don’t always come naturally.

Step 3: Getting Involved in a Region
  • Once you have joined the region you like, there will typically be a welcome telegram they send you. You can tell because it will be addressed to “tag:welcome”

  • The first thing you will want to do is do whatever they ask you to in the welcome telegram. If you are confused, ask on the Regional Message Board, and be patience. It may take them several hours to respond.

  • Typically, they will ask you to join an offsite chat, such as discord. You should do this, as you will be able to chat with your regionmates more easily.

  • To find the Regional Message Board, go to this page:[region]
    Replacing “[region]” with the region you are in. Alternatively, you can find it by clicking on this icon while hovering over your region page:

Step 4: Joining the World Assembly
  • Many regions require or encourage you to join the World Assembly. First, be sure to supply NationStates your email address in page=settings , which can also be found here:

    To join, go to this page, which can also be found on your sidebar: page=un
  • Click “Apply to Join”

  • Go to your email and click the link NationStates sends you.


  • To vote on World Assembly resolutions, go to the page, and click on the resolutions at vote. Once on the page, scroll to below the colored bars, and you will see the option to vote for or against.

  • To endorse someone in the World Assembly, go to their nation page here:[nation]
    Replacing “[nation]” with their nation name. Scroll to the bottom of their page, and click the button which says “Endorse [nation]”
  • You should endorse your regional delegate. To find them, go to the top of your region page, and click the nation listed as “World Assembly Delegate”.

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