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Shareholders' Times June 2021

By: CCO, VP-PR Hooseria Magna

The Shareholders' Times
"Bringing Capitalists Together"



  • It is imperative that as many nations as possible in Lands End joins the World Assembly. It is also just as imperative that once you join the World Assembly, you endorse every other nation with WA status in Lands End, especially our WA delegate, TESDAI. This is for the good of the region and the Augustin Alliance as a whole! Any questions should be directed to the regional message board. While we as Lands End are largely opposed to the General Assembly, the World Assembly has many gameplay effects involving Influence, Endorsements, and Region Security we must acknowledge. Influence is how we keep the region secure and safe from gameplay invasion. Influence is generated twice per day by each nation and endorsement they have received. The World Assembly also offers us a way to verify that nations are not bypassing our rules of only allowing one nation in the region by locking certain things behind being a Shareholder. Shareholders have many privileges that we do not offer to regular members such as voting for the Board, running for office, and a place on our map and in our roleplay.

  • It is highly encouraged for new nations to join the LinkAugustin Alliance Discord server. The community on the server can help you get accustomed to NationStates and answer any questions you may have. There are many entertaining activities that occur on the server and there is a place for every Lands End resident to get involved.

  • If you wish to learn more about the military and defense aspects of the game, I would suggest applying to join the Augustin Alliance Joint Task Force. They are a large in-game military force and can teach you the ropes. The community of the JTF can help you set up puppets and walk you through how the military works in this game.

  • To participate in the regional roleplay you must be a shareholder and you are highly encouraged to join the discord. I would encourage everyone to participate as our officers have been working tirelessly to make sure that the roleplaying is fun and inclusive. In order to apply to be a shareholder, you must be in the WA and submit an application to The Tribia. Map claims must be submitted by shareholders to Hansa Federation in order to be placed on the map.

  • LEpedia is the official source for RP information located here. Use the template provided to design your nation's LEpedia page and then send it to TESDAI to be reviewed and placed on the official dispatch. If you ever need information on a nation in RP, look at their LEpedia page.

  • Lastly, if you want to get involved in the government side of the region, you should apply to become a shareholder. Shareholders vote on new legislation and can run for political office. To apply, you must be in the WA.

Role-play news

  • Tussian Civil War

      On July 3rd, representatives from Soviet Tussia, Osrelia, Franancia, and the International Democratic Alliance (IDA), met to negotiate peace in the Tussian Civil War. While Franancia had attempted to land on Osrelia, they were beaten back and never grabbed a foothold on the island, giving them little bargaining power. The main negotiations pertained to whether or not the nation of Osrelia would control the whole of the island of Osrelia. IDA pushed for a unified and democratic Osrelia under their supervision while the soviets pushed for the reintegration of Osrelia into Tussia. Eventally the two sides reached an agreement; Osrelia would receive the whole of Osrelia but there would be a referendum in the city of Yerushalem over whether or not to have the city partitioned. Four days later, on the 7th, the referendum concluded with 67% of residents voting for partitioning. Quickly checkpoints were set up between the two halves and Yerushalem was officially decided. The Profitis of Tussia then returned from exile to rule Osrelia as the Holy Republic of Tussia, claiming the entirety of the country as a government in exile. The Soviet republic has yet to be internationally recognized and likely will struggle with recognition for years to come. Now is the time for rebuilding in Tussia as they pick up the pieces left behind after the war.

  • The Leonid Trial

      The Trial of Leonid Volkin for espionage and invasion of privacy began on June 27th. It is clear that Volkin, the former dictator of Baikala, will not win this case, however, the trial continues and is nearing the end of its first month. All that is remains up in the air is what his punishment will be and whether the prosecution can successfully push for espionage charges. A summary of the first days of the trial can be found here.

  • Haverade Purchase and the founding of the Vabasian Union

      For multiple months now, the leaders of The Vabasian Federation, Tribia, and United Haverade Company have been negotiating the purchase of the latter. The treaty was finally ratified by the Vabasian congress on the 12th of July and set out the purchase of Haverade for $1.5 trillion, split three ways with each of Hooseria, Antarctica, and Tribia all spending $500 billion. The three nations are equal partners in the ownership of the nation. In return for allowing Tribia into the negotiations, the nation cofounded the Vabasian Union, an economic and military alliance that seeks to improve the prosperity of the vabasian countries and their neighbors. This is a big step in securing peace in the region after centuries of ethnic violence.



Nation Total

Delegate Endorsements

Endorsement Total2

Influence Total

Population Total

GDP Total

19 Jun 21

327 (+31)

92 (+2)

5.09k (+344)

1.79 million (+34.9k)

417 billion (+961 million)

61.6 quadrillion (-234 trillion)

26 Jun 21

326 (-1)

101 (+9)

6.02k (+936)

1.85 million (+53.2k)

427 billion (+10.2 billion)

63.5 quadrillion (+1.90 quadrillion)

03 Jul 21

320 (-6)

101 (+0)

6.26k (+238)

1.90 million (+49.6k)

439 billion (+12.0 billion)

64.6 quadrillion (+1.14 quadrillion)

10 Jul 21

343 (+23)

114 (+13)

7.33k (+1.07k)

1.97 million (+74.2k)

449 billion (+9.68 billion)

66.0 quadrillion (+1.34 quadrillion)

17 Jul 21

341 (-2)

117 (+3)

7.15k (-183)

2.03 million (+55.6k)

436 billion (-12.6 billion)

64.2 quadrillion (-1.77 quadrillion)

World Assembly

  • "Conscientious objection to abortion" was defeated resoundingly, 9,509 to 2,644 in the GA. Currently there is a vote on "World Assembly Border Policy".

  • The Security Council recently passed legislation on the "Advancement of Anti-Fascist Action" in a landslide of 10,589 votes to 1,936. Up for vote is the "Recognition of the General Assembly".

Quote of the week
“Until you're standing around a big fire in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia, listening to a river run, standing in a swaying circle of 100+ people, singing Country Roads from your soul, you have not experienced true meaning in life." - TESDAI


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