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by The Hogwarts Commonwealth of Pallapati. . 183 reads.

My last post

I finally came to a conclusion that's been a long time coming today. And that realization is that after a decent amount of time on NS, I'm no longer enjoying this platform.

I think I've been slowly coming to this realization for awhile. I've been hesitant on this but its probably time.

I've met many people. I've met some great people who became some close friends and I've met some not so great people.... I've met people who helped me a ton with role playing and I've met people who harassed me in role play. I'm glad I had the interactions I did. But I just don't have the motivation to continue my NS journey. Some people quit NS and some people treat it like a religion, I fall into category number 1. I've seen my good friends, such as North sonovia fade away, now its my turn to join them.

Its time this journey comes to end.

I'm still going to keep this nation alive, but I'm not going to be that active.

Anyway, I'm thankful to Indusse who helped a ton when I was getting started, without him I wouldn't be on this platform. I cannot thank you enough.

Au Revoir

Sincerely, Pallapati.