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Resignation as Co-Founder of The Leftist Assembly

Comrades and dearest friends of The Leftist Assembly,

For the last three years, I have had the honour of serving as a co-founder of this wonderful region alongside at various times Cedoria, The Final Horseman, and Kavagrad. Today, with a heavy heart, I am tendering my resignation from this position.

After a surprisingly quick five years (more than a quarter of my life!), my interest and time for NationStates has gradually waned, coinciding with other real-life commitments consuming every waking moment of my existence. I can no longer meaningfully commit myself to upholding the responsibilities of the office and believe that The Leftist Assembly would be best served by a new face.

This role underpins the stability of our community and embodies our success since founding more than half a decade ago, being distinctive for its control by multiple players (we are the largest region to have such a system). This is such a unique privilege and one that I have never taken lightly. An extraordinary amount of trust is vested in each of us to do right by the community, and I have always tried my best to keep this as my central priority.

Serving as a founder of any region is an interesting endeavour, but being one in a leftist region is uniquely strange. In our region, you effectively serve as one-third of a constitutional monarch! While mildly compromising on ideological grounds, I have not felt so bad given it is a necessity by virtue of game design and we always operate via consensus decision-making. I have also been proud to continue the tradition of non-interference set forth by my predecessors and equals throughout my tenure, respecting the autonomy and authority of our region's strong institutions of democratic governance.

I remember entering the founder account for the first time and being nervous to even touch my keyboard for fear of accidentally eviscerating the region. Thankfully, in my three years and four months, I have managed to avoid such a catastrophe! For much of my time in the role, I effectively performed its day-to-day duties on my own, which gave me the opportunity to style much of how it currently functions. I have been proud to set up the master dispatch of government documents, impose a proper standard for legislative record-keeping, and tediously categorise thousands of telegrams into dozens of inbox folders, among many other background things most of you would never notice.

Working to establish these foundations has been worth it to see our community thrive upon them, and I am confident that it will persevere in a similar direction for many more years to come. And if not for that, I have also been able to read all of your vote confirmation messages every few months too! From the Communist Manifesto parodies to the Bee Movie scripts, I have continued to be pleasantly surprised by how much effort some of you put into a message that will probably only ever be read by one other person.

As for my own future in the region, I have already committed myself to not taking up a government office again since the end of my fourth term as Secretary in June 2020. I will be continuing my work of documenting all my knowledge about the history of our region and its members into TLAwiki as a long-term project, but have not yet decided whether I will remain on NationStates once that concludes.

As per Article II of the Constitution, the remaining co-founders and I have unanimously agreed to nominate Dyl as my replacement. He demonstrated a strong character of leadership and competence as Secretary, and I have complete confidence in him to be an active, responsible, and responsive founder. I will shortly commence an onsite three-day confirmation poll in relation to his nomination.

In solidarity,

Outgoing co-founder and former Secretary of The Leftist Assembly

P.S. I reserve full rights to continue saying 'ban' on the Discord server towards anything I mildly disapprove of, despite now actually having no way to do that.