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Nicholas and Great Britain for Local Council!

Nicholas and Great Britain
For Local Council!

Who am I?

I am Nicholas and Great Britain. I first joined NationStates on the 24th of October 2020. When I first joined it was because I wanted to get the feeling of power and ruling a nation. Later I started using the RMB and found out about a thing called 'Local Councillor'. At that moment I knew that I wanted to be one. Not a Delegate, not a Prime Minister, but a Local Councillor. I became a candidate in the March 2021 LC Election. I was inexperienced then and got knocked out before the round started due to there being lots of candidates. Later I started getting involved in the South Pacific through different ways. I joined the SPSF Tidal Force and Tsunami Force, I became a legislator and I joined the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Media and the Ministry of Engagement. Now, I am a candidate in the July 2021 LC Election.

Why should you vote me?

  • I check every post so as a Local Councillor, I will be able to find anyone rule breaking and it will not be hard to go through all the posts as I am used to it.

  • I've helped with upholding the rules even if I'm not a Local Councillor.

  • I am eager and will not hesitate to do my job as a Local Councillor, even if it requires lots of work.

  • I will keep the region active and fun and I will keep new nations interested in the game and getting involved in the South Pacific. I am already welcoming new nations in the South Pacific and I one of the nations with the most welcomes to new nations this month.

  • I have already got some experience with jobs similar to a Local Councillor in my puppet storages where I have dealt with spammers, trolls etc and kept newcomers active and interested in getting involved.

So remember,
Nicholas and Great Britain for Local Council!