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SC Recommendation: Vote AGAINST "On Interregional Recruitment"


The proposed resolution, “On Interregional Recruitment", discourages regions from targeting recruitment in regions other than feeders and sinkers (regions where nations either are founded, are refounded, or receive ejected nations.)

While we understand the demand for a declaration against the targeted recruitment of nations from user-created regions, we are disappointed by the false equivalence the proposal draws between feeders and sinkers, the former regions being larger and much more powerful in the World Assembly. It should be noted that “Sinkers” includes the Rejected Realms, and we have no reason to vote against our own interests, supporting a proposal that tacitly encourages the recruitment of our valuable new members.

Taking into account internal discourse and a vote on the regional position towards the relevant resolution, the Rejected Realms WA Office recommends a vote AGAINST “On Interregional Recruitment".