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by The Wearing a Lampshade of TSP Minister of Culture. . 40 reads.

Independence Day: LadyRebels Address

Ladies and Gents of TSP, we are gathered here today to celebrate our wondrous Region. So for the free show, we request you pay at the door, gather the chairs around the bon fire and take a seat on the floor under the blazing sun.

Our tale started so many moons ago, under the darkest of times, when upon the maps of old there was that part that all humans avoided, because ye monsters of old dwelled there. The names of those beings have been forgotten… not all of them tho… Goddness, Killer Monkeys, Tsunamy, Slackervina, CR, Bisty, TMD.

When a call for help went forth into the World of NS, a call raised by Tsu upon the RMB of TWP it was answered by a few of us there.

From that time to now has seen TSP grow stronger with each generation, to see the changes within NS, and within TSP is something that has been wondrous to witness.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping TSP alive and well, for honestly it isn’t just one of us that keeps TSP thriving, it is all of us.

My part was, in the grand scheme of things, a very small part. I feel that even if I had not kept my promise and went “rouge” that TSP would still would have become the awesome beast it is, I would have just gotten to watch it from the band list, instead of the top of the list.

So here is a Lampshade for all of you and a tall glass of SPIT.
May TSP always thrive, even in the dark times.

Love to one and all,
Mother of the Coalition
The original Craziest of TSP
(Rebs that crown is mine)