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Vote For SC resolution Condemn Wickedly evil people

Security Council Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Condemn Wickedly evil people
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
This resolution seeks to Condemn Wickedly evil people (also known as Eli) for their extensive involvement in "regime change" in The West Pacific. Specifically, the proposal highlights their taking of the Delegacy and establishing the West Pacific Triumvirate and then subsequently turning against the other two members and ruling as an autocrat for some time. The proposal also recounts how WEP worked with Gatesville to destabilize the region using the nation Lots of ants. The proposal focuses on WEP's frequent role in TWP as a tyrant, establishing control by undemocratic means.

The proposal's third last clause states that "WEP actively undermined the existing democratic institutions present in the region for most of its early history, replacing it with governments based on the authoritarian principle of delegate supremacy that goes against the democratic ideals of the Security Council", and this sums up perfectly why WEP deserves this condemnation. WEP has spend much of their time in TWP seizing power and establishing autocratic governments without the consent of the region's native population. The tradition, firmly established by their dictatorial role, of Delegate supremacy, persists in the West Pacific today, where the Delegate's power is virtually unchecked. This flies in the face of the democratic ideals of the Security Council and, indeed, TNP, and Wickedly evil people's role in establishing thus tyrannical tradition is encapsulated excellently in this proposal. For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For the Security Council Resolution at vote, "Condemn Wickedly evil people".

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