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XKI National Legislation Contest November 2021

XKI National Legislation Contest

This event is all about national legislation! Let us know about the funniest laws that you have encountered in real life, in issues and in your own NS nation! Send them to Thedairos or post them on the RMB to discuss them with your fellow Islanders! You can submit something for each of the three categories:
  • RL nation legislation: Did you know that it is illegal in Britain to "handle salmon suspiciously"? Which weird and confusing laws do you know that really exist in some real life countries?

  • Issue Fallout line: Which odd results did the laws that you passed in your issues have on your people?
    Example: Following new legislation in Thedairos, it takes months to get the proper permits for a child's first tricycle.

  • Invented legislation: Which unusual laws does your own NS nation have? Tell us about them!

The event ends on Sunday, the 28th of November and the best entries of each category will win an epic trading card!