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Nations over Endorsement Cap (March 2022)

If you are on this list, then you are considered over the Endorsement Cap.

Please Reduce your Endorsements.

We understand that having a few endorsements over happens once in a while and that this can be out of your control.

The CLS reserves the right to eject and/or ban nations over cap for regional security reasons.

Nations that go above Endorsement Caps by 10 or more for several weeks or months will be considered to have violated the hard cap and may be targeted with un-endorsement campaigns to lower their endorsements.

Nations will be given at least two telegram warnings by the CLS before facing ejection after violating this hard cap.

Endorsing the Delegate (120 Endorsements):
Violating hard cap (and at risk of ejection and/or ban):

Native Inhabitants of Antarctica 128

Not Endorsing the Delegate (10 Endorsements):
Violating hard cap (and at risk of ejection and/or ban):

Cornelia 23
Chryspolis 21

Close to violating hard cap:
The Land of the Dogs 19
Stentaria 19
Veralann 19
Red light zone 19
Thingytown 19
Aadjunckistan 19
Walkindr 18
The Land of the Tardigrades 18
Sexytopia 17

Just above cap:

United Workers Party 15
Wazaristan 15
Motherland of awesomeism 14
Panargers Tay 13
Moffenland 13
Albaakonso 13
Pulomas 12
Maelva 11
Ithaeinisfafait 11

Ejection Warnings Sent

First Warning Sent:

Final/Second Warning Sent:

To Be Ejected:


Designated Ejectors: New Rogernomics, Custadia, and Debussy

Q: What do I do to reduce my endorsements?

A: Send a polite telegram to some nations endorsing you, requesting them to un-endorse you so you can comply with the endorsement cap.

Telegram Template:

Dear %NATION% ,

Could you please remove your endorsement from my nation so I can comply with the endorsement cap.


Your Nation Name

Note: This list is updated at least every 48-72 hours. If you have just endorsed the Delegate or just dropped endorsements to meet the Endorsement Cap, then don't be concerned.