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Volunteer Hub of The Communist Bloc



[size=300] [font=Segoe UI] [color=gold] [b] THE COMMUNIST BLOC'S VOLUNTEER HUB [/size] [/font] [/color] [/b] [/center] 
[color=gold] [center] [size=150] [b] Register to join one of the Bloc's important Ministries! Contribute to our future! [/size] [/b] [/color] [/center]

[box] [center] [b] [size=200] [font=Segoe UI] [color=firebrick]  DOMESTIC AFFAIRS [/font] [/center] [/size] [/color] [/b]

[size=100][center]Minister [nation]Solveneia[/nation] [/size][/center]

[size=150] [b] What is the Ministry of Domestic Affairs? [/size][/b]

[size=120]The Ministry of Domestic Affairs, or MoDA for short, is the area of government responsible for recruitment, immigration, and integration of newcomers. It oversees the Bloc's manual recruitment program and is responsible for processing citizenship applications.[/size]

[size=150][b] How can volunteers help? [/size][/b]

[size=120]As a MoDA volunteer, your primary task is processing citizenship applications on the forums, which allows TCB residents to become citizens. In doing so, you make sure the applicant is eligible to become a citizen and does not pose a security threat to the region. The application processing includes doing a background check on the applicantís nations, checking the content posted by their nations (flags, factbooks, RMB posts, etc.), ensuring at least one of their nations is a WA member, and any additional checks that may be necessary. There are new citizenship applications posted every day, so this represents the bulk of the MoDA volunteer workload. [/size]

[size=120]From time to time, volunteers may be asked (although not required) to assist in other MoDA activities, e.g the purging of citizenships from non-existent nations.[/size]

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[center] [b] [size=200] [font=Segoe UI] [color=firebrick]  FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND DEFENSE [/font][/size] [/color] [/b][/center]

[size=100][center] Minister [nation]Krajzovda[/nation] [/size][/center]

[size=150][b]What is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense?[/b] [/size]

[size=120] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense, or MoFA, is the ministry responsible for managing foreign relationships with other regions and overseeing the Peoples Revolutionary Air Force, our military. [/size]

[size=150][b]How can volunteers help?[/b][/size]

[size=120]As a volunteer for the MoFA, you can help by becoming an Ambassador to another region! Ambassadors diplomatically represent the Bloc in interactions with other regions. They make a good first impression on regions weíve never interacted with before, and strengthen the bonds between the Bloc and our allies. Ambassadors will be asked to dedicate their time to regularly visiting an assigned region. They will bring news from the Bloc to that region, and bring news from that region back to the Bloc. Ambassadors connect the Bloc to the rest of the world of NationStates.[/size]

[size=120]You can also contribute to the MoFA by enlisting in PRAF to fight bigotry and defend leftism across NationStates! 


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[box] [center] [b] [size=200] [font=Segoe UI] [color=firebrick]  INFORMATION [/font] [/center] [/size] [/color] [/b]

[size=100][center] Minister [nation]Pan_Kath[/nation] [/size][/center]

[size=150] [b] What is the Ministry of Information? [/size][/b]

[size=120]The Ministry of Information, or MoI, ensures that the citizens of the Bloc have all the latest news regarding international and regional NationStates affairs. In order to accomplish this, the ministry publishes the Red Standard, a weekly newspaper in the form of a NationStates dispatch. The ministry also creates and updates dispatches containing important regional information. [/size]

[size=150][b] How can volunteers help? [/size][/b]

[size=120]There are two ways to contribute to the Red Standard: you can either be a Guest Writer or a Regular Contributor.[/size] 

[size=120]You can also contribute to keeping the Bloc's informational dispatches relevant and up-to-date. If you want to help us do that, register to be a volunteer Dispatch Updater.[/size]

[size=120]A single volunteer can do multiple jobs listed here or just one, itís up to you and the level of involvement youíre comfortable with. Volunteers who wish to contribute to the Guest Writer program donít need to file a volunteer application: [url=]filling out the article submission form[/url] will suffice. Regular Contributors and Dispatch Updaters are asked to fill out an official sign-up application.[/size]

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[box] [center] [b] [size=200] [font=Segoe UI] [color=firebrick]  WORLD ASSEMBLY AFFAIRS [/font] [/center] [/size] [/color] [/b]

[size=100][center] Minister [nation]104_Partisans[/nation] [/size][/center]

[size=150] [b] What is the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs? [/size][/b]

[size=120]The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs Ė known as MoWAA for short Ė is the area of government thatís responsible for deciding how comrade Delegate [nation]Kethania[/nation] votes in the World Assembly. The Minister is tasked with managing the regionís WA population by posting voting threads, issuing voting recommendations, and overseeing the WA Vote Squad to better mobilize the region on issues that leftists might care about.[/size]

[size=150][b] How can volunteers help? [/size][/b]

[size=120]Volunteers can assist the ministry by posting the aforementioned voting threads on the forums, helping write up recommendations before they are issued, pinging members of the WA Vote Squad on Discord, and tagging the WA Vote Squad on the RMB to alert them to new votes. All volunteers also automatically become a member of the WA Vote Squad, which is an opportunity to not only discuss upcoming WA proposals, but to determine how the Delegate votes![/size] 

[size=120]Additionally, being involved with the ministry means youíll be in close proximity to those who work with the WA on a regular basis. So itís a great learning opportunity too if youíre just getting started and are curious! [/size]

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[box] [center] [b] [size=200] [font=Segoe UI] [color=firebrick]  CULTURE [/font] [/center] [/size] [/color] [/b]

[size=100][center] Minister [nation]Kabaragoya[/nation] [/size][/center]

[size=150] [b] What is the Ministry of Culture? [/size][/b]

[size=120]The Ministry of Culture, or MoC, strengthens the Bloc's regional culture by creating fun and creative cultural events, inspiring and managing regional roleplay, and creating art and graphic design for the Bloc. Although there are some tasks which the ministry does fairly regularly, such as creating discussion polls, there is an intentional lack of task constraints to allow members of the ministry to exercise their creativity.[/size] 

[size=150][b]How can volunteers help?[/b][/size]

[size=120]Volunteers have significant freedom, and are encouraged to speak up about the specific ways they would like to contribute to the Bloc's culture. Volunteers may also be asked to assist in running cultural events or festivals, to contribute to roleplay, to make art or graphics for the Bloc, or to suggest creative ideas for upcoming events. As in all ministries, Culture volunteers will never be forced to do something they don't feel capable of. For example, not being able to create art does not mean that a volunteer cannot contribute to the ministry in other ways.[/size]

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