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Map of The Eternal Order (Past-Tech)

Copy and paste the following map claim application and telegram it to King Nephmir II to have your nation added to this map! You must be a citizen of The Eternal Order or official territory in order to make a map claim. Please read the continent and location descriptions before applying:

[1] Continent and numbered territory of choice:
[2] Back up choice:
[3] Back up choice:

Applications will be processed in batches, and priority is given to those that requested a spot first.

A large and highly populated continent known for its rich culture and beautiful architecture. Though many defensive structures are present from a war over one-hundred years ago, the nations of this region trade with each other and foreign nations abroad. The region is highly rich in ore and rare mineral deposits. Features the oldest tree in the world, surrounded by many myths and legends spanning a thousand years.

Notable settlements: The central most settlement enjoys access to rare minerals and underground mines and tunnels through the mountain region. The southern most settlement enjoys the second largest port in the world, and a grand statue, the wonder of the world. The settlement within the valley beneath the clouds boasts a strong warrior tradition and unique melee techniques and fighting styles.

A hospitable, arid region that relies on trade. Home of many ancient treasures, weapons, and relics from an unknown cataclysmic event of an ancient advanced civilization. Nicknamed "the realm of gold".

Notable settlements: Featuring a settlement beneath a super volcano, a city of gold that runs the largest port in the world to the west and many unique marketplaces, and rampant corruption, Auralia features nations that like to live without fear.

A large, spacious continent with bountiful harvests. Blessed by ancient magic emanating from deep underground, nations of this continent enjoy advanced magical abilities, healers, and clear skies. An ancient lost temple lies somewhere in the mountains, and an old Acitcratnan outpost can be found to the north.

Notable settlements: All nations on this continent enjoy a bountiful harvest, fishing, trade, and esteemed universities and schools of magic. Supplies 80% of Auralia's food in exchange for plenty of gold. A peaceful and happy continent.

A frigid and relatively isolated region of strong warriors and tradition. Though lacking in magic ability of any kind, the region always has a strong preparedness for war and conquest. An ancient gateway lays currently undiscovered in the inhospitable northern region. A mysterious and fierce sea creature keeps these warring nations mostly landlocked, fighting amongst themselves occasionally. For now...

Notable settlements: The southern most settlement has access to a large port, boasting a strong naval power, and trade to a lesser extent. A tribe of barbarians lie in the far north.

A mostly flat region known more for its wildlife than land features. It is said that knights from this region can be found on the back of winged horses, wyverns, and other strange land creatures...

Notable settlements: All nations in this region enjoy hunting and domesticating strange creatures. The northern most settlement lives in igloos and trades furs with the nations of Acitcratna. The southern most settlement enjoys isolation on a well-reinforced island, but relies heavily on trade and peaceful diplomacy.