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The Red Standard: Official News of The Communist Bloc - May 12, 2022

Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Please welcome our newest comrades:
The United Republics of Wawa, Elbowz land, Pacifica and Latina, Korea Internationale, StraightFacedSun, Lyubiteli Kefira po skidke, Tribul!

Ant steps down as FM, becomes an Honored Comrade!

Ant has, for a long time, been an integral part of TCB's government - serving the Bloc diligently for multiple terms as both Minister of Information and First Minister. She also holds the position of regional Admin, and has dedicated much of her time to making the Bloc a positive, welcoming, and productive space.

Their three terms as FM were marked by immense growth that culminated in the Bloc reaching its highest population ever! As their third term came to a close, Ant decided to take a break from regional politics and declined to run for reelection. You can read her full End of Term address Linkhere!

Ten days after stepping down as First Minister, Ant was nominated for Honored Comrade by Tarrin Kael. The Legislative Committee and the People's Assembly quickly accepted the proposal - officially conferring the title of Honored Comrade to former First Minister Ant (Pajonia). Congratulations on a well deserved title, Ant!

The title of Honored Comrade is the highest award in The Communist Bloc. Its recipients are automatically granted lifetime citizenship that may not be revoked due to a nation not being in the region.

A New Executive Elected!

By: Pan Kath(Pan Kath)
Edited By: Iota (New Astri)
12 May, 2022

The new Council of Ministers:
First Minister: New Astri
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense: Krajzovda
Minister of World Assembly Affairs: 104 Partisans
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Solveneia
Minister of Information: Pan Kath
Minister of Culture: Kabaragoya

Congratulations to all elected comrades!

During the registration period, the executive election of April 2022 seemed like it could lead to a term full of inactivity. A number of positions were uncontested until very late in the registration process, and many candidates lacked previous government experience and Discord access. However, the last few days of registration were marked by a flurry of new applications - leading to an overall very competitive election.

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs, World Assembly Affairs and Information had three candidates each. The candidates for First Minister, Minister of Domestic Affairs and Minister of Culture, on the other hand, ran uncontested.

Foreign Affairs had the closest election of all the ministries. The two major candidates in the race were Krajzovda and The Peoples Socialist Union. These were also the only two candidates who posted a campaign - candidate Messeroids decided to run without an official campaign. Isolate's (Krajzovda) campaign was focused on promises that he would craft foreign policy in accordance with the ideals of Anti-Fascism and Socialism - while That Socialist in Your Basement's(The Peoples Socialist Union) was mainly concerned with the candidate's wish to get more experience in TCB's government. Isolate prevailed, getting 30 votes or 61.2% of the vote. That One Socialist in Your Basement came in second with 12 votes or 24.5%. 6 people (12.2%) chose None of the Above, while Messeroids secured 1 vote (2%).

Though the MoWAA election had three candidates - 104 Partisans was the only one to post a campaign. His campaign focused on plans to revamp the WA debate system in the Bloc through the introduction of more involved WA volunteers and regular vote recommendations by the MoWAA. In addition to his previous WA experience as the delegate of The North Pacific, this posted campaign helped put him above the two other candidates. He got 33 votes (70.2%), followed by None of the Above (7 votes or 14.9%), tovlink (5 votes or 10.6%) and Rapachia (2 votes or 4.3%).

The race for the Minister of Information featured three candidates - Boyarkinskaya, The King Isle and myself Pan Kath. All three candidates posted a campaign. The main theme of Boyarinskaya's campaign was not giving any election promises. The King Isles hammered hard on the importance of including seasonal themes for Red Standard editions. My campaign on the other hand, was focused on creating a framework for TCB citizens to submit articles for The Red Standard. None of the Above got the least votes in the MoI election - 3 (6.3%). The King Isle got 4 votes (8.3%), while Boyarkinskaya got 7 (14.6%). I won the election with 34 votes or 70.8% of the vote.

In many ways the MoDA election was the least suspensful of the executive elections - the only candidate was incumbent Solveneia who had done a great job running the ministry last term. This was reflected in the election results in which Solveneia received over 90% of the vote (46 votes) with the remaining 10% (5 votes) going to None of the Above.

TCB government newcomer Kabaragoya was the only one running for the Ministry of Culture. Their campaign focused on promises of getting the regional roleplay off the ground. They managed to convince the majority of the voters that there was no need for a by-election and secured 41 votes or 85.4% of the vote.

Following Ant's refusal to run for reelection, the region struggled to find a person willing to run for the Bloc's highest office. Iota (New Astri), who seemed to be the obvious candidate, declined to run, citing fears that them being at the helm of TCB could produce foreign policy problems for the region. In a staggering twist, the regional Discord community managed to convince Iota to run for FM after all. Iota's campaign talked about encouraging growth in all parts of the executive by setting reasonable goals and meeting them consistently. The results of the FM election were in no way unexpected - Iota won 86% of the vote, with 7 votes going to None of the Above.

Good luck to the new Executive!

A Ministry Status Update

The new executive hardly wasted any time getting new ideas off the ground. The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs was the first one to reform their approach. The Minister, 104 Partisans, created a WA vote squad that's now in charge of deciding how the regional WA delegate Kethania votes. TCB citizens can also debate individual proposals in the MoWAA subforum or in the appropriate discord channel. Furthermore, the MoWAA posts regular vote recommendation dispatches, which the region's volunteer Dispatch Vote Squad boosts.
TCB citizens who aren't as interested in WA affairs but still want to contribute to our regional voice being heard can follow the Minister's vote recommendations for WA votes - these can always be found on the WFE and in the pinned dispatch list.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Krajzovda revitalized an important volunteer position, the Ambassador program, letting TCB citizens play a bigger role in the foreign policy of the region. Ambassadors are sent to regions TCB has relations with and are expected to maintain and improve cultural and political connections. Ambassadors now provide a weekly report to the MoFA, something which was not in place last term. The ministry is still seeking more Ambassador volunteers.

My ministry - the Ministry of Information - put forward several new ways for TCB citizens and members to contribute to the Red Standard. Citizens can now sign up to be Regular Contributors on the forum and contribute by writing articles on a regular basis. TCB members who do not have a forum account, or those who do not wish to bind themselves with more lasting commitments can also choose to submit articles as a Guest Writer using Linkthis form.

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs has grown in size this term. Minister Solveneia is completing all of the necessarily tasks on a diligent schedule, from sending recruitment telegrams to regularly encouraging new members to endorse delegate Kethania. Although the MoDA is currently taking a brief hiatus to tackle real-life issues, the volunteer members of the ministry have been efficiently processing citizenship applications in his absence. Solveneia is as competent and reliable this term as he was last term, and the Bloc eagerly awaits his return.

The Ministry of Culture, headed by minister Kabaragoya, has been off to a slow start. The ministry has begun a schedule of posting regular polls and discussion questions to the RMB. Polls will be posted every Monday, and discussion questions will be posted every Friday. As the term continues, the MoC will hopefully be seen developing the TCB Roleplay Hub and hosting various cultural events.

You can find more information about all of the volunteer programs available in the Bloc here:


Register to join one of the Bloc's important Ministries! Contribute to our future!


Minister Solveneia

What is the Ministry of Domestic Affairs?

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs, or MoDA for short, is the area of government responsible for recruitment, immigration, and integration of newcomers. It oversees the Bloc's manual recruitment program and is responsible for processing citizenship applications.

How can volunteers help?

As a MoDA volunteer, your primary task is processing citizenship applications on the forums, which allows TCB residents to become citizens. In doing so, you make sure the applicant is eligible to become a citizen and does not pose a security threat to the region. The application processing includes doing a background check on the applicant’s nations, checking the content posted by their nations (flags, factbooks, RMB posts, etc.), ensuring at least one of their nations is a WA member, and any additional checks that may be necessary. There are new citizenship applications posted every day, so this represents the bulk of the MoDA volunteer workload.

From time to time, volunteers may be asked (although not required) to assist in other MoDA activities, e.g the purging of citizenships from non-existent nations.



Minister Krajzovda

What is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense, or MoFA, is the ministry responsible for managing foreign relationships with other regions and overseeing the Peoples Revolutionary Air Force, our military.

How can volunteers help?

As a volunteer for the MoFA, you can help by becoming an Ambassador to another region! Ambassadors diplomatically represent the Bloc in interactions with other regions. They make a good first impression on regions we’ve never interacted with before, and strengthen the bonds between the Bloc and our allies. Ambassadors will be asked to dedicate their time to regularly visiting an assigned region. They will bring news from the Bloc to that region, and bring news from that region back to the Bloc. Ambassadors connect the Bloc to the rest of the world of NationStates.

You can also contribute to the MoFA by enlisting in PRAF to fight bigotry and defend leftism across NationStates!



Minister Pan Kath

What is the Ministry of Information?

The Ministry of Information, or MoI, ensures that the citizens of the Bloc have all the latest news regarding international and regional NationStates affairs. In order to accomplish this, the ministry publishes the Red Standard, a weekly newspaper in the form of a NationStates dispatch. The ministry also creates and updates dispatches containing important regional information.

How can volunteers help?

There are two ways to contribute to the Red Standard: you can either be a Guest Writer or a Regular Contributor.

You can also contribute to keeping the Bloc's informational dispatches relevant and up-to-date. If you want to help us do that, register to be a volunteer Dispatch Updater.

A single volunteer can do multiple jobs listed here or just one, it’s up to you and the level of involvement you’re comfortable with. Volunteers who wish to contribute to the Guest Writer program don’t need to file a volunteer application: Linkfilling out the article submission form will suffice. Regular Contributors and Dispatch Updaters are asked to fill out an official sign-up application.



Minister 104 Partisans

What is the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs?

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs – known as MoWAA for short – is the area of government that’s responsible for deciding how comrade Delegate Kethania votes in the World Assembly. The Minister is tasked with managing the region’s WA population by posting voting threads, issuing voting recommendations, and overseeing the WA Vote Squad to better mobilize the region on issues that leftists might care about.

How can volunteers help?

Volunteers can assist the ministry by posting the aforementioned voting threads on the forums, helping write up recommendations before they are issued, pinging members of the WA Vote Squad on Discord, and tagging the WA Vote Squad on the RMB to alert them to new votes. All volunteers also automatically become a member of the WA Vote Squad, which is an opportunity to not only discuss upcoming WA proposals, but to determine how the Delegate votes!

Additionally, being involved with the ministry means you’ll be in close proximity to those who work with the WA on a regular basis. So it’s a great learning opportunity too if you’re just getting started and are curious!



Minister Kabaragoya

What is the Ministry of Culture?

The Ministry of Culture, or MoC, strengthens the Bloc's regional culture by creating fun and creative cultural events, inspiring and managing regional roleplay, and creating art and graphic design for the Bloc. Although there are some tasks which the ministry does fairly regularly, such as creating discussion polls, there is an intentional lack of task constraints to allow members of the ministry to exercise their creativity.

How can volunteers help?

Volunteers have significant freedom, and are encouraged to speak up about the specific ways they would like to contribute to the Bloc's culture. Volunteers may also be asked to assist in running cultural events or festivals, to contribute to roleplay, to make art or graphics for the Bloc, or to suggest creative ideas for upcoming events. As in all ministries, Culture volunteers will never be forced to do something they don't feel capable of. For example, not being able to create art does not mean that a volunteer cannot contribute to the ministry in other ways.


Read dispatch

The Future of The Red Standard

By: Pan Kath(Pan Kath)
12 May, 2022


My name is Pan Kath, and as the Minister of Information, I'm in charge of putting together The Red Standard. You know, the thing you're reading right now?
The Red Standard hasn't really had a regular release schedule during the past term - a practice I have unfortunatelly continued in the aftermath of my election. Starting now, I plan to change that with regular issues of a new and expanded Red Standard.

The biggest change I'm making is opening up The Red Standard for articles written by TCB citizens!

Here's my plan: Establish three new sections of The Red Standard

Voices of the Bloc - a section where TCB citizens can express their opinion about NS politics
Let the Mighty Tremble! - a section about IRL politics in general
Tales From Afar - a section for short RP excerpts

These new sections will contain articles written by either the Minister of Information or by volunteer writers. If you have citizenship, you can sign up to be a Regular Contributor on the forums - if you do not, you can still submit articles to The Red Standard as a Guest Writer using this Linkform

Submitted articles should be between 100 and 500 words. If you want your article to be published, you also need to follow these guidelines:

  • No rightwing or fascist ideas. - Do not submit articles intentionally spreading ideas you know are rightwing or fascist.

  • No bigotry - Do not be racist, anti-LGBT, anti-religious, ableist, or sexist in your writing.

  • No hyper-sectarianism - TCB is pan-leftist, which means we accept all ideologies that are against capitalism and the forms of oppression it perpetuates. You can, of course, be critical towards individual strains of leftist thought, but in the end, please remember that we are all comrades. Attack the idea(s), not your comrade.

  • No excessive region-advertising. No GP petty political bickering - Dual TCB residents and citizens are asked not to use the space given to them for the advancement of their political goals - we welcome a healthy dose of discussion, but please keep it civil.

I look forward to reading your submissions!

Voices of the Bloc - The PRAF raid on TCNTW

By: Pan Kath(Pan Kath)
12 May, 2022

As many of you already know, on the 21st of April the People's Revolutionary Air Force and our allies The Brotherhood of Malice began a raiding operation targeting The Communist Nations of the World. TCNTW has shown, time and time again that its members know absolutely no boundaries when it comes to spam and harassment. Historically, it has given refuge to many faux-leftist individuals banned from TCB, and was later found to harbor homophobes and transphobes as well. No apology for the region's spam, harassment, or bigotry was ever issued.

A region that is consistently unwilling to change its problematic habits and that has positioned itself as an enemy of TCB can never be an ally of our region simply because of their supposed political leanings.

I'm sincerely happy to say that the raid was a success! TCB's military - PRAF - has once again proven that it is perfectly capable of organizing and taking part in complex military operations. I'm certain that the lessons taken from this raid will be successfully applied for raiding more bigoted, right-wing, or fascist regions in the future!

I want to invite everyone here to join PRAF and help us fight fascism and right-wing bigotry! Click Linkhere to join! If you are not a citizen, or do not want to join the Discord, you can join the PRAF Reserves instead.

Let the Mighty Tremble! - Annotated excerpts from "The Principles of Communism" by Friedrich Engels

By: Pan Kath(Pan Kath)
12 May, 2022

The Principles of Communism were written by Engels in an attempt to codify the beliefs of the burgeoning communist movement in the form of a confession of faith usable for political propaganda. Marx's belief that this document was unable to effectively communicate the political goals of early communists was one of the factors in the eventual creation of The Communist Manifesto.

Though Marx was probably right at the time, many modern readers find the Principles easier to understand than the Manifesto.

Without further ado, let us begin analyzing the text!

1. What is Communism?
Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat.

This sentence might seem a bit complex at first glance, but it really isn't when you think about it. Communism is the belief (doctrine) that a certain set of circumstances (conditions) WILL lead to revolution (the liberation of the working class) and that we should be striving towards this outcome as a society. So no, more government ≠ communism, sorry PragerU.

2. What is the proletariat?
The proletariat is that class in society which lives entirely from the sale of its labor and does not draw profit from any kind of capital; whose weal and woe, whose life and death, whose sole existence depends on the demand for labor – hence, on the changing state of business, on the vagaries of unbridled competition. The proletariat, or the class of proletarians, is, in a word, the working class of the 19th century.

We're all roughly familiar with what the working class is, many of us might even be self professed members of the working class, but have we ever tried to define it precisely? Is your cop uncle working class? What about that lawyer across the street making good bank, he just bought a Tesla, how could he possibly be working class? Marxism chooses to define the proletariat (or working class) based on a simple criterium - the ownership of the means of production. The capitalists own the capital, or the means of production - while the proletariat does not. If you've ever taken an Econ class, you're probably familiar with the circular flow diagram.LinkHere's a picture of what most versions of the diagram look like.

On this graph, the capitalists would be the ones owning the firms and the factors of production and buying labor from households. Capitalists will then use the bought labor to produce commodities, which they sell on the market keeping the difference between the price of labor and the price of the sold commodity as profit. As the proletariat does not own any capital and is thus unable to secure any profit for themselves - their livelihood depends wholly on the fluctuating demand for labor, a commodity that is by design in very high supply. They can never achieve the same degree of freedom as capitalists and are always in a position of effective servitude.

Next time, we'll take a look at how capitalism developed historically and how this history continues to play a role today.

Tales from Afar - Two Letters for Alberto Ciorrizzo

By: Pan Kath(Pan Kath)
12 May, 2022

"Sir, there's 2 packages that arrived in the mail" adding "I'll put them on the desk for you."

"Mail? People still use that? What is this the 1850s?" Alberto chuckled.

"I guess so" Nevena replied, out of politeness.

Alberto rarely got mail, and when he did it was usually death threats made by Dalmato ultranationalists who felt betrayed by their compatriot serving what they saw as the occupiers. As such when he saw that one of the envelopes said in large bold letters - A MESSAGE FOR ALBERTO CIORIZZO- he dismissed it as another random death threat that never amounted to anything. "It's kinda f*cked up that I'm completely used to sh*t like this" Alberto thought.

He switched his attention to the other envelope, made from cheap-looking paper and sent from the southern city of Guangzhou. It was addressed to a man named Clyde, but with the address of the consulate being listed. "Might be a mistake, should I even open this?" Alberto thought. He checked the address line once again, and failing to think of any Clydes in the neighborhood, decided to open the package. "It's practically impossible for this letter to reach its intended audience if it's misaddressed, so might as well open it, just in case that it is for me" Alberto said to himself, opening the package and reading the letter inside


Alberto suddenly realized what this letter was. It was a message from Bojan, an old agent of the DB, the Pan Kathian intelligence service. Bojan had his office in the consulate building and was technically under Alberto's jurisdiction. He roamed the countryside of Halsoni, gathering information from locals and making reports for the insanely bloated bureacracy at DB headquarters.


The General Consul grabbed a small compendium of codewords given to him by Bojan - oh how distressed would Bojan be if he found out Alberto kept it in the office, and not under his bed as instructed. He started looking through the codebook, looking for the meaning of kerfuffle. He found it on page 54:


Alberto realized the meaning of the message, Bojan was warning him about the possibility of complete civil war, right here in Halsoni! There had been talk about a French invasion, and rebellions weren't rare in the empire, but an all-out civil war? That was unprecedented.

Read the rest of Alberto's story here

Regional News

International News

  • We've officially moved to a new forum! Be sure to transfer your forum account Linkhere! If you need any help transferring your account, ask in the regional Discord Linkhere!

  • Check out the new Volunteer Hub Dispatch for information on how to join a ministry!

  • Following Aquila's resignation, the Council of Ministers has officially appointed the new Air Marshall of the People's Revolutionary Air Force - Pan Kath checks notes wait that's me wooooo lesgoo


LinkThe Leftist Times - NSLeft's Most Trusted Newspaper
LinkNationStates Today - NationStates' Most Reliable News
The Western Post - A publication of The West Pacific Cultural Trust
The Assemblian

Current Events
Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events here and on Discord!

  • The BoM Girl Scout Event is starting on the 15th of May - join Linkthe festival Discord if you want to participate.

General Bulletins


  • If you’re not endorsing our delegate Kethania, you should do that straight away! Every endorsement on our delegate protects our regional security as well as amplifies our voice on WA resolutions. If you do not endorse the delegate, you are limited to 10 endorsements yourself. You should also endorse our vice delegates, Marxmeans, Shamian, and The Workers Union of Habsburg-Lorraine!

  • Become a citizen! This allows you to participate in regional politics, pick your representatives, and join the Regional Discord server. More information can be found here.

  • Check out the Law Archive. It is an easy way to navigate and keep track of all our laws. This document is updated as new laws get passed.

  • If you are interested in getting involved, consider participating in one of our volunteer programs. Members of the Bloc can become volunteers by checking out the Volunteer Hub or inquiring in the LinkRegional Discord. Please be aware that citizenship is necessary for some volunteer opportunities. We greatly appreciate the work all our volunteers do!


  • Want some endorsements? Run the Revolutionary Endorsement Program! It's simple and doesn't take very much time. Endorse comrades, get endorsed back. Alternatively, post the following to the RMB:

    [nation]ink_cloud[/nation], rep
    Our RMB bot, created by Kethania, will give you a list of nations to endorse.

  • We have published the Master Dispatch. This should be the first place you go if you are looking for information on TCB or NationStates. It contains links to every major resource, and it is pinned under the WFE.

  • We're always interested in having residents of TCB participate in the region. If you have an idea for a fun cultural event, an interesting news article, or any other way you'd like to contribute to the region, telegram a Minister to make your suggestion!


  • We have created a list of leftist resources! This is an ongoing project, and if you think there is something missing from this list, please telegram or DM the me. I am Pan Kath here and Pan Kath/kole#2926 on Discord.

While run by the Ministry of Information, the Daily News does not necessarily reflect the stance of the current administration. Please contact the Minister of Information Pan Kath on NationStates or Pan Kath/kole#2926 in the Regional Discord for any corrections, suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.

This article was authored by Pan Kath and edited by New Astri.