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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Repeal Liberate Confederacy of Layem' | OWL


Repeal "Liberate Confederacy of Layem"


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OWL recommends voting  FOR  the at-vote resolution, "Repeal 'Liberate Confederacy of Layem'". The Delegate has been asked to cast their vote accordingly.

Please find below the Office's Analysis for an examination of the resolution and the reasons for the final recommendation.

The Office's Analysis

The Security Council Resolution currently at vote, "Repeal 'Liberate Confederacy of Layem'", seeks to repeal the active liberation on the basis of the resolution's success in carrying out its stated goal, namely to allow the international community to take control of the target region, and its current status as a hinderance to the complete destruction of the despicable clique that lived within. While the text of the proposal itself is succinct, the argument it presents is sound in nature. As outlined in our recommendation FOR the offensive liberation, Confederacy of Layem was a problematic region that continuously harassed the rest of the Gameplay community, with a valued South Pacifican being the main ire of their antagonism for an extended period of time. This, combined with the disgusting elements that were uncovered in the region by the wider community, makes our support of this repeal to hammer the final nail in the proverbial coffin a no-brainer in and of itself.

Therefore, the Office of WA Legislation recommends a vote FOR the at-vote Security Council Resolution, "Repeal 'Liberate Confederacy of Layem'" and urges the South Pacifican members of the World Assembly to follow suit.