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TSP Translated: Part 2

Inspired by Noristoniaka (I ran out of character space on the last dispatch).
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Political features.
South Pacific League.

Are you involved in South Pacific politics or do you want to know more? The idea of ​​government policies will leave you confused and confused. If any of the following are true, this tool is for you.

So what is the local system? RPG game?

You should not be surprised to hear this question. Many see it as racist and regional politics. But society plays the game with other words. Instead, they use the term "game". The state record game deals with many aspects. This is the mechanics and challenges of the game - even if you think there is another side to the game. After the game ended in 2003, there was very little donation from the developers. It usually does nothing to answer questions or play state games or ask questions. Instead focus on the decisions and votes of the International Councils. Support statement and many international and regional policies are often relevant.

Currently most players with this mission are choosing one or more characters for the first time. Most of them look good. You do not need to create a support player as there are real gaming machines to start the game. And the real voice is not heard for a real candidate who has real power in real politics, dependence on positive (or negative) factors in the environment.

So how does it work in the South Pacific?

The Peaceful Alliance (official name for local government) is one of the oldest democracies in the country. Founded in June 2003, it is unique after more than a decade of renovations. He is now a member of the Allied South Pacific Congress. It constantly removes all boundaries and all our rules.

Government is a Western parliamentary democracy and operates independently of the three branches of government: the executive, the executive and the legislature. The Governor is the name given to the Prime Minister (Incumbent: Amodium), who oversees the Union Cabinet and the Governing Body. The cabinet consists of six ministers, including the prime minister and ministers: the foreign minister. (Future Santiago), Minister of Culture (future Mortalia), and Minister of Broadcasting. (Future Minister Wizard falter) The Minister of Defense (official: [nation]United States of Vietnam[/ntion]), and the Minister of Defense (official: Esphalsa) command the same departments that are still responsible for operations in our area today.

Our Parliament is the first Parliamentary Council to have a President. Parliament needs legislation to make, elect elect and approve important decisions. The Cabinet Office and the House of Representatives participate in regional groups. But often informal discussion is now taking place on Linkthe Discord Server channel.

The Supreme Court is the highest court. He is responsible for taking action if we violate our Constitution, the Constitution. Resolve the dispute, explain the rule and kill it. There is a Senate committee chaired by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. (Welcome)

The government has a regional representative office (later Pines penguin) to advise governors, cabinets and city councils (later Drystar residence, Dominion of canada, Avenida) to certify citizens and provide feedback to groups.

We also have independent bodies such as the National Security Council (NSC) that are not affiliated with government agencies such as the Legislature It is the legislature that oversees security and records. election commission (EC)

But what kind of officers are these?

On the other hand, it's easiest to spend time reviewing, but the truth is that government usually works, talking about Congress and our system (you can drag on). Think and live by the rules. However, at the individual level, these responsibilities may differ and may be assigned to elected officials as negotiations and policies change.

We explain in detail the following:

  • Legislators can vote, write, debate, amend laws and regulations in parliamentary elections (presidential elections, by-elections), and there is at least one new law. Being a politician (Linklink to subscribe here) and attending Congress is the best way to join TSP politics.

  • The chairman of the commission won the council elections and was chaired by the chairman. This often means that politicians respond quickly when needed.

  • The City Councilhas the right to restrict and regulate the use of advertising in local newspapers to prevent misleading or inappropriate discussion and propaganda. You can also edit the global newsletter, send a telegram with the group's permission, and vote. If you want to get on the board, this can be a great way to gain experience in TSP policy.

  • LinkThe Prime Minister is the executive and the Prime Minister in making important administrative and managerial decisions. A good leader must have a good understanding of TSP policy and be able to manage a variety of employees.

  • CEOs play a unique role in how a company can communicate with other actors based on their actions and opinions. :.

    • The LinkFederation of International Organizations (MOFA) is here to communicate, report, provide, open practice, etc. with other communities. In some cases, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Pacific Islands represented the South Pacific and other parts of the world, and sometimes did not play a role. This has not been, and always will be. It is useful to know how this works in local communication games and national statistics (NSGP).

    • LinkNational Security (MO) The South Pacific Special Forces are controlled by our local forces. The military exercises used by WA officers are responsible for attacking and deploying guards (so-called attacks) from there, but they are responsible for protecting the federal government and only those attacks (so-called security) ... so this is important. Planning operations with military plans and plans. If you think you're interested, first go to SPSF and find out what you can do.

    • The LinkMinistry of Culture (Region), which oversees the regulation and management of sports and leisure in the South Pacific, works with regulators to address and address these issues in other regions. The MOC focuses on sports, and the exhibition serves as a larger world for advertisers and fans who share the world through sports.

    • The LinkMinistry of Media (MOM) epresents the local media and manages the South Pacific region. MOM is a journalist to provide the best information for our community.

    • The LinkMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) focuses on the national development of the South Pacific, overseeing some local projects and local negotiations, such as public investment. The Ministry of Education has different experiences, artists, writers, ... and programmers.

  • De facto actors are the most influential people in society, they have all the power in the game and have the right to give that power to some candidates (voters share it in the KSC). But also TSP. Personal strength of man. Numbers and advisors are more valuable than leaders.

  • The Superintendent of Justice and the Deputy Superintendent of Justice hold criminal and public hearings, answer questions of the law to understand the law, and proclaim the law. and decisions that violate Shariah and other laws. Judgment requires an understanding of the rule of law, fairness and justice.

Culture and thought

The culture, customs and traditions of the South Pacific are constantly changing, but will still follow the following.

Principles of democratic freedom
The region is an independent country that upholds the principles of democracy, the rule of law, the separation of powers, free and fair elections, and civil liberties. leaders. The policy of the TSP consists of representatives (e.g. senior staff) and direct democracy (e.g. the public can participate in parliament). Sometimes short-lived dictatorships (such as the short-lived republics of the South Pacific after the 2013 uprising) and instability (such as the stable independence of the TSP for two decades during the Hilville Uprising).

The model independence of TSP falls under the same roof as the North Pacific, East Pacific and ethnic minorities. Some small places have no government and belong to a small group of loyal members.

Defend the area clean of horses and kill bad guys and assassins.
Assemble and Defend is a game that uses international assembly and approval mechanisms to capture or protect the environment. Research and development is an important feature of the journalism of regional politics and national sports. TSP Rider-Defender communicates with the military strategy of Spectrum Defense. TSP foreign policy and the military have focused on protecting the holy community from military aggression. TSP SP SPF usually works with its peers. In addition to defense, he was involved in attacks on fascist areas.

TSP usually works with defense forces such as TITO 10,000 Island Certificate (TITO), Intelligence Army (RRA), Gray Defense Forces Command (TGW), and so on. Defenders defend themselves against officers like the Black Rock. Some areas are independent and can be attacked or defended by organizations such as the North Pacific.

Clear collaboration and division of labor.
There is no difference between the clear idea of ​​South Pacific citizens and lawmakers. Although most lawsuits are settled by consensus, most laws are passed by a majority vote. Although the law of formation of political parties applies in the region, the ideology of the people does not depend on the organizations, but there are several political parties. Almost all politicians are now independent. Occasionally there is a discussion about issues with the division of labor (e.g. LinkLinkedIn 2019, LinkSocial Security Prevention, Connect 2020 in the regional building). However, they are short. In the past, racism could have led to conflict and civil strife (the most obvious example was the Hillville conflict in 2016), but today There are no such cases.

What about local governance?

  • Campaigning for local elections It is usually very easy in RMB. As long as you have a strong community profile and a good platform, you have the opportunity. There are also three sites and if you do not make a mistake, you can try again. Finally, you do not have to be a lawyer to work on the project, or you should have a basic understanding of starting a meeting (but training aids).

  • LinkBecome a member of the Legislative Register as a member of the forum and participate in forum discussions and policies. Raise your profile by signing up and you can make some changes yourself and get the experience you need to run a law firm or work as a judge.

  • LinkJoin the link If you do not like the police, you can join us in other ways such as journalists, writers, artists, event planners, ambassadors, soldiers and leaders.

If you experience any issues with your post, please contact The south pacific organization or ping your regional Discord server @MoE: dispatch team.