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The Gardener's Gazette, edition 24

The Gardener's Gazette
2021 Card Publication of the Year

Welcome to the twenty-fourth edition of the The Gardener Gazette! The Gazette is released monthly and keeps gardeners and guests alike informed on the happenings within the Card Gardening Society.

Garden Insight
by Giovanniland

The Garden Insight is a monthly piece with the goal of informing people about the key happenings in the Society during the last month, this time the month of May 2022. Early in the month, the Gardens were quieter than usual, although activity was increased when the 23rd Gazette was published, with many Gardeners congratulating Ioavollr as winner of the 2nd Gardening Contest and praising the edition's content.

Later in the month, various topics were discussed amid an activity increase, especially through the Card Questions of the Week. Gardeners reminisced memories of their most memorable auctions early in the month, for example the longest auction ever in the Season 1 Valentine Z card, various pull events when the Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System (TCALS) was still active, auctions to inflate cards, and entertaining heists of other nations. Other questions included Gardeners' collections that they were most proud of completing, and ideas of new features in the Gardens, including a collaborative collection and an art thread, which could be implemented in the future.

Channels such as the Garden Displays and the Farmers' Market continued active, with Vylixan sharing two collections named “Scientists, Philosophers & Wise people” and “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” in the former. Vylixan also revived activity in the Toolshed after posting a new script, namely one that shows owners and owner count on the Card Pack page, which is a very useful information to have in the open pack page, especially for the people seeking to keep low-owner cards. Furthermore, the seasonal Collection Bracket channel of course became active later in the month, as the 2nd edition of the bracket happened with participation from Apexiala, Giraffeton, Ioavollr, Panagouge, Polinasia, Ventro, and Vylixan; which will be talked about later in this edition.

I close this article noting the unfortunate reality that, not only there were no new Gardeners this month, but also a few members also chose to leave our Discord server, presumably because of inactivity or declining interest in cards. Hopefully, next month there will be people I will be able to give a warm welcome to!

Winners of the Month
by Giovanniland

In comparison to April, May had two less giveaways, for a total of 12 throughout the month. However, card prizes were still very welcomed, with Season 2 Frisbeeteria starting the month and Season 2 Testlandia later being given away as well, for the duo of the first two card IDs.

There was one similarity in relation to April, which is that exactly one person won more than one giveaway! Islands Of Ventro, who won the Season 2 legendary cards of Frisbeeteria and Paffnia fourteen days apart. The other ten giveaways, whether they were a Legendary card or an Epic package, were shared by ten different Gardeners as you can see below:


Number of Wins

Islands Of Ventro










New Makasta




The United Peoples of Centrism








Monthly Contest Results and Update
by Giovanniland

The final article of this edition will talk about the monthly Garden contests, a key activity where many members participate. May saw the 2nd Collection Bracket happening, the second iteration of an idea put forward by Marxmeans in response to a Card Questions of the Week last year. Gardeners had a two-week submission period to link me one collection that they owned either in their main nation or puppets.




Hey, I recognise these names! 🎉


Pigs, Sloths, Elephants, Llamas, Emus the duck Goose


The Eyes I Seek: Card Circles of Balance and Interest


BIONICLE [11/11]


The Tale of the Time Traveller: Interdimensional Beings, Outer-Space and the Great Unknowns”


Name Gang


Clouds in a blue sky, crystal clear, peaceful waters; palm trees casting shade.

It is worthy noting that some members also decided to innovate, such as Polinasia, who creatively submitted a beautiful poem together with the collection! After the submission period, pairs of collections would compete through popular vote—with the bracket housed in the #collection-bracket channel open only to Gardeners.

Firstly, since 7 is not a number that allows a perfect bracket, one collection was chosen to be slightly ahead of the others, namely Giraffeton's submission. That was the only random part of the contest however, as even the chosen collection had to go through popular votes in further rounds. Three matches were then hosted for the first round of the tournament, and all Gardeners voted within a period of three days from May 30th to June 2nd. All three were very close matches, with Apexiala barely edging Ioavollr 10-9, Ventro defeating Vylixan also by 10-9, Polinasia triumphing over Panagouge with a slightly larger margin, namely 10-7.

In the semifinals, another close encounter ensued, with Giraffeton getting one more vote than Apexiala and winning 9-8, whereas the other match was a more comfortable win for Polinasia over Ventro of 12-6. As for the final and 3rd place match, the former saw a clear Polinasian victory of 14-3 over Giraffeton, easily determining the winner of the bracket. On the other hand, the third place was hotly contested by Ventro and Apexiala, with the former prevailing by one vote with a score of 8-7. Due to the great participation, it was decided that all four finalists would receive legendary cards! Polinasia, Giraffeton, Ventro, and Apexiala received the Season 2 legendary cards of NERVUN, Auralia, Frisbeeteria, and S_diego respectively.

Anyways, the second collection bracket was a very great competition just like the first! It is also worth noting about the increasing voter participation in comparison to other brackets, with some matches reaching as far as 19 votes, and of course I also thank the seven Gardeners that submitted their collections to be evaluated by popular vote.

And as usual, we also announce the next monthly contest in this Gazette edition. This time, we are doing another themed collection contest, with the repeating theme of News from the last year! The reason is that the Gazette will turn two years old in the next month, therefore we would once more like to see some collections about this theme. The rules are similar to other collection contests:

1. We're accepting any and all collections regardless of size and card rarity, provided they can be reasonably included in the contest theme and follow Card Gardens and NS rules.
2. You can choose a collection you already have, or build one and submit later.
3. Submissions must be sent by Discord DM or telegram to Giovanniland, closing at 23:59 UTC on Saturday, 9th July.
4. The winner will win a shiny legendary card, and additional prizes may be awarded if there is a high number of entries.

Good luck collecting, and may the best collection win!

See you all next month for another Gardener's Gazette edition. Credits to Giovanniland for leading the newspaper publication and writing the articles! If you want to contribute to the Society, apply to join the Sub-Administrative Committee, or donate cards to EpLeHo! Feel free to ping @administration on our Discord server for more details.