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UDSWAP Medalists Week 37, September 2022

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UDSWAP Medalists Week 37, September 2022
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The Union of Democratic States World Assembly Program (? UDSWAP) is administered by the Chancellery of the Union. The mission of the UDSWAP is to promote and reward World Assembly membership, endorsement of the Delegate, and endotarting among the WA members of the Union. Increasing endorsements on the delegate serves to safeguard the region, increase native influence, and advance the Union?s foreign affairs interests. Participating in the UDSWAP is a selfless yet exciting act of public service that each citizen is called to complete. For more information, check out the UDSWAP Home Dispatch by clicking here. To promote the mission of the UDSWAP, various awards were organized by the Chancellery and bestowed upon those who endorse the lawful WA Delegate of the region and their fellow WA member regionmates over the course of this month. The following awards were issued this month: