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[NSUK] 10 Downing Street (Briefing Room) | Weekly Briefing from the Prime Minister - 20/09/2022

Downing Street Briefing Room

Weekly Briefing from the Prime Minister - Tuesday 20th September 2022

At the Podium: The Right Honourable David G. Allum CH LVO MBE PC FRS / Lancashia Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Invited Guests: Klaus Mikaelson (BBC), Ulrich Bauheim (The Age), John Alexander and Akillian Talleyrand (The National Chronicle)

All citizens of the United Kingdom are welcome to attend and ask questions

*The Prime Minister walks out on stage from behind the dividing wall and takes his place behind the centre podium*

"Good Afternoon Everyone,

Welcome to the Briefing Room here at 10 Downing Street for what will most likely be, my final Prime Ministerial weekly briefing for this term. I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are making the most of the brighter days as the nights and the cold begin to creep in.

I will start by filling you all in on some of the things I have been doing since we last got together here. Last Tuesday, I attended Buckingham Palace for an audience with HM Queen Constance II / Silver Steps to discuss matters of state. I also had meetings throughout the day with Vibhor Mikaelson / Namerlicans of the Mikaelson Financial Group, Chancellor of the Exchequer Ulrich Bauheim / Penge and Attorney General Reuben Wright / Venividivicia as we worked together on the historic partnership to both procure services as a Government from a private service provider and also deliver interest free loans to new citizens looking to buy their first estate or set up their first business.

I also spent a lot of time with the Foreign Office team this week as we worked on our N-Day plans and what would be the best move for the United Kingdom. I'm incredibly pleased that we have joined a faction, which sees us link up with a number of our new friends in the NationStates world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank HM Queen Constance II for her incredibly generous 30,000 Telegram Stamp donation and Longdendale / Longdendale for his incredibly generous 10,000 Recruitment Stamp donation. These will help us continue our efforts of recruiting new and returning NS players to our region and are essential to keeping this region in the top tier. Thank you both so much. If you want to donate, head over to the NationStates Store and gift to the UK Prime Minister nation.

I had the pleasure of visiting Northern Ireland this week to and I wish to thank Christoph Sebastian / Neo-Austria-Hungary for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to address the people of Northern Ireland on the important role they can play in growing the United Kingdom.

This week, we also launched the 10 Downing Street twitter account in an attempt to not only make the office of Prime Minister more transparent, but also to try and make things a bit more immersive and add to the regional culture. You can find the account here and all tweets are also posted on the Regional Discord which, if you haven't signed up yet, can be found here.

Lastly, this weekend, I hosted the final, formal Cabinet Meeting for this term at Downing Street where I laid out the final list of tasks and to-dos I would like completing before the clock ticks out on this term in the 2nd October. Given the election campaign is looming and lots of people will be distracted with that, the Government's focus over the next few days is going to be doing a spring clean of all departments and the wider forum. We shall be issuing inactivity notices to all businesses and estates currently unused and clearing those of former citizens, working on data around our current list of Ambassadors stationed in the United Kingdom, making sure OSCAR is 100% up to date and also looking at any other things we can do to both tidy up and ensure ease of use for our newer citizens.

The Treasury is going to be working on finalising an accounting system for the on forum shop so we can get that moving as well as continuing to produce data ready for the October Budget. Gameside will continue its push to engaging with the RMB community and encouraging crossover and lastly, Culture will be running a wonderful programme of events to compliment N-Day.

We will also present more, in depth and longer term plans for each department in the coming week. If you want to sit down with me and discuss any things you want to see implemented or have feedback for me and the Government over the past two months, please reach out and we can set a date for a meeting at Downing Street to discuss these.

With that, I want to thank you all for attending or watching today, and for the last time this term, I am now happy to take any questions you may have...."

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