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The Funnyman Rehab Center


[size=190][b][font=Avenir, Segoe UI]The Funnyman Rehab Center[/font][/b][/center][/size]

Hello There, are you, or a loved one, experiencing any of the following traits?
• Big Eyes

• Speaking In High Pitch Japanese

•Weird Text Appear Across Screen 

• Neo Hair Coloring


Then it’s possibly that they are a anime girl, I know this may come tragic to you, but don’t worry! There is a solution!

After hard study from the [i]Funnyman Science Team[/i], We here have developed a system that will help them [i]Rehabilitate[/i] from this state, we have developed;

[size=150][b][font=Avenir, Segoe UI]The Anime Girl Rehab Program[/font][/b][/center][/size]

With this 30 Day Program, we will go through a simple step procedure to help [i]Cure[/i] them from the difficult 

We will go through a multi-stage process, that once they are all completed, the Anime Girl will be [i]Rehabilitated[/i]

The will be excepted to preform community service acts, such as

• “Toy Factory Work”

• “Underground Expedition & Diamond Hunting”

• “Corn Field Maze Workers”

• “Open Field Confetti Exploding Easter Egg Hunt”


So please, contact us today! Make the call before it’s too late, before we can make a difference, because remember 

We [i]Can[/i] Make A Difference



1789 Scream Street, Orcuo District 2