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N-Day 7.0 | Coalition Against Radioactive Destruction

Coalition Against Radioactive Destruction
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CARD Members and Rules

N-Day is an annual event in NationStates during which factions fight against each other in a simulated nuclear war. This year the five allies of the Modern Gameplay Compact have teamed up to form CARD (Coalition Against Radioactive Destruction).

CARD carries the legacy of the Crabs of the Apocalypse, absolute winners and dominators of the 2021 edition with the record score of over a million points. That means we're full of experienced members and commanders from the five regions below, therefore the best faction for you to join!

Faction Members

In order to have the best experience in the nuclear battleground, CARD command asks you to follow these rules:

1) Follow the Commanders' Orders

The most important rule is to follow the orders posted in the Discord server and on the CARD WFE. Disobeying orders—including firing on factions not listed, allies, etc.—may result in your ejection. Orders will come from those with the Commander role on our Discord server. If you are unsure of what to do, or need clarification on a command, please don't hesitate to ask in the Discord server or on the CARD RMB.

2) Join the CARD N-Day Discord server

Most of our coordinating will be conducted via Discord. Orders will be disseminated to the CARD RMB and the RMBs of our faction members, but it's best to get your orders from the source.

3) Read the rest of this guide

This guide outlines some of the basic information about our faction and our strategy. It contains many links that will be useful throughout N-Day.

4) Have fun!

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Survival Guide

How to Prepare

  • Familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide, and Testlandia's guide N-Day: What You Need to Know. This guide will focus primarily on how our alliance works, and how to fight effectively, while Testlandia's focuses on the basics of how the simulation works and how to navigate the controls. Understanding both is crucial to achieving success.

  • Join LinkCARD, our N-Day Discord server. It will serve as our operational command centre. Coordination is of the essence in order to be successful in this event. Consequently, the importance of Discord (even if only for the event) is paramount.

  • On Puppets: Puppets nations are extremely helpful during N-Day and many players have lots of them. If you have any puppets, use them. The more nations generating production for our faction, the better. There is no need to move puppets between regions to join our faction—you can join a faction from any region. Consider using an add-on like Containerise if you're using puppets, which makes it much easier to manage many nations. If you have it already, make sure it has all your puppets' information correct so you don't have any delays once the action starts.

Action Stations

  • Join our faction: Click here to access the faction page and join once N-Day has started. Once you have joined, you will be able to access it from your nukes page.

  • Keep track: Our faction page will include vital information, including our current targets, our allies and current do-not-targets, and any special instructions from the alliance commanders. This information will be duplicated in the Discord server, the RMBs, and the CARD WFE. Make sure to check those regularly as they will be subject to change.

  • Coordination and more coordination: Coordination is the determining factor in how successful a faction is and how effective you are at contributing to your faction’s success. Sharing information with our allies is the best way for us all to know what we should be doing, what others are doing and what we need to be prepared for. While you are online and actively launching or shielding, make sure you are on Discord, telling others what you are doing. It is extremely important that you do this.

    The only reason you should not join Discord is if there is a technical issue with you connecting to the service. If so, you can still follow along on the CARD RMB. However, you may find yourself excluded from much of the action because response times over the RMB simply aren't quick enough.

Specialist Directions

  • Military Specialists: Focus on producing nukes, except if a special order is given to do otherwise. Fire on active targets listed on Discord and the RMBs. Be sure not to nuke a nation with over 100 nukes being fired at it (but keep an eye if some get destroyed).

  • Intel Specialists: Focus on producing nukes, except if a special order is given to do otherwise, and follow directions given to Military Specialists. Intel nations can finalize targets faster, so they're very good for strikes!

  • Strategic Specialists: Focus on producing shields, except if a special order is given to do otherwise. Concentrate your shields on faction members with low radiation and keep your eyes peeled for surprise assaults.

  • Economic Specialists: Focus on producing shields, unless told otherwise, and follow directions given to Strategic Specialists.

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Faction Graphics

All graphics have been made by Fujai and are available for any faction member to use!

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