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Resignation Statement

Good morning, South Pacific.
I have just resigned as “Regional Foreign Secretary”, and I feel it is important to explain why.

Some time ago, I noticed Densaner had opened an embassy with Sacrumterra. You will notice that this embassy is now being closed, due to it having been the target of a “fash-bash”.
At the time the embassy was opened, I thought little of it, and assumed Den had approved it as a suitable embassy for South Pacific.
A couple nights ago, however, I was approached by Ambis2, of Warzone Trinidad’s government. He made me aware that Sacrumterra is a fascist region, about to be subject to an anti-fascist raid, and as such is not an advisable region to have an embassy with. So I decided to do my own research, and see whether closing the embassy would be justified.
Onsite, Sacrumterra claims to be fascist in roleplay only: “Do not touch on fascist or Nazi topics unless it is in RP [...] any conduct promoting Fascist and similar ideologies will be automatically banned/expelled from the region.” However, the same dispatch also advises that “if you want to have the freedom of political discussion join the discord, there you can express yourself better.”

So I joined their discord. Ambis had already made me aware that there, they were “unabashedly fascist”, and took pride in being listed alongside other OOC fascist regions.
I was still entirely shocked that the founder of Sacrumterra seems quite happy throwing around the n-word (hard r), and permits server members celebrating Hitler (I’d provide images, but I suspect I’d get a warning for the screenshots of the n-word). If this is a roleplay region, they’re extremely committed to the bit. Even if they’re just a region of over-edgy teenagers, which I suspect is the case, it’s still an entirely unacceptable region to have an embassy with.

At this point, if I felt I had the power to, I would have scheduled the embassy for closure myself. However, it was an embassy opened by Den, and as such it would feel out of line for me to close it without consulting him. I imagined it would be a simple case of asking for and receiving permission; I was wrong.
Below, I have enclosed the full telegram exchange; but in short he refused to close it, and justified this by likening our situation to the British having diplomatic ties to the Nazis before WW2 and the current British support for Israel (I am not in the mood to unpack that right now). He also said that he was content with fascist embassies, but not raider embassies - in line with what is apparently his view of our being an independent region. I asked if this meant our foreign policy was ‘“yes fascists” but “no raiders,”’ and he essentially confirmed this.
This is not a foreign policy I have ever, or ever would, ascribe to. That is why I have resigned as Foreign Secretary.

That said, there is a deeper issue. There should be no place for fascism on NationStates, whatever the site admins say. Holocaust denial was permitted until the admins were reminded they were putting the site at risk of legal action doing so. NationStates provides a safe haven for fascist and neo-nazi groups, and the delegate of South Pacific seems content having embassies with them. Whether or not embassies are “really that significant”, they still show tacit approval. I’m not claiming Den is fascist, I’m saying he is displaying a remarkably blasé attitude towards fascists - who are, needless to say, a far worse problem than raiders. Even as a moralist defender, I can appreciate that - it should be obvious.
As such, as well as resigning from government, I shall be leaving the region. I love SP: I first joined the region over half a decade ago, I rejoined NationStates because I wanted to help liberate it from a raid, and I have worked hard for it - spending a year and a half as delegate, one of my proudest achievements on this site. But I cannot abide being in a region under Den if this is his approach to fascism. I have tried to support him as a member of his government, to the point where I received a warning from the mods when, inadvisably, I attempted to defend his injunction proposal. But for me this crosses a line. I would ask him to resign, and if he does not, would encourage those remaining in the region to remove him from the delegacy at the earliest possible opportunity. I would recommend any regions who have embassies with South Pacific consider whether they want their name potentially listed alongside fascist groups in SP’s embassy list.

As an addendum, I notice that since my last telegram, Den has banned the lead in the raid on Sacrumterra. I can only assume this was done to underline his support for South Pacific’s fascist embassy. He has also updated the WFE to read “South Pacific accepts all embassy requests from any region apart from raiders,” confirming that South Pacific will continue to seek embassies with fascists.

Thank you to the residents of South Pacific for a wonderful five years.