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A quick reference to The Wellspring.

The Wellspring

Welcome To Nationstates!

Welcome to the Wellspring, and welcome to Nationstates! What is the Wellspring, and why am I here? Well, the Wellspring is something known as a frontier, meaning it is a region entirely set up by other players eligible to receive newly founded nations like yourself! We take great pride in being a unique place for new players, such as yourself, to dive deep into what it means to play this game! Follow this guide, and it will take you on a journey through The Wellspring and how you can get involved!

The World Factbook Entry (WFE):

The World Factbook Entry is the top portion of our regional page. Here, you will find an index of all the important information for the region. Such as our charter and a list of the current Regional Officers (RO)

The Wellspring Charter

Article I - Local Council of the Wellspring
  1. The Local Council of the Wellspring shall comprise of all citizen nations of the Wellspring region. Requirements to join the Local Council may be amended by a simple majority vote and the requirements set forth in the Charter shall be updated by the Delegate as needed.

  2. Citizens of the Wellspring shall be comprised of members who maintain the following:

    1. Citizenship application on the regional discord

    2. Residence within the Wellspring

    3. WA Membership

    4. Verification of their nation on the regional discord

  3. The Local Council may enact, amend, or repeal laws by a majority vote.

  4. The Local Council of the Wellspring may recall officials of the region by two-thirds majority vote.

  5. The Local Council will elect a Speaker every four months.

  6. The Speaker will administer the rules of the Local Council. Where no rules exist, the Speaker may use their discretion.

  7. The sage will have the power to update and maintain all official documents, seals, laws, etc., and serve as the official custodian of

  8. records for the Wellspring.

  9. The sage will oversee all recalls of elected and appointed government officials other than the sage themselves.

  10. The Archmage shall oversee the recall of the sage.

Article II - Delegate of the Wellspring
  1. The Local Council shall elect the Archmage of the Wellspring to serve a term of four months.

  2. The Archmage shall serve as the head of state and head of government of the Wellspring

  3. Any legislation passed by the Local Council will promptly be presented to The Archmage, and it shall take effect immediately upon their signature.

  4. The Archmage may veto any proposal of the Local Council within a week of its passage. The Local Council may override any veto by a two-thirds majority vote.

  5. If the Archmage does not sign or veto a bill within one week of being presented it the bill will take effect immediately

  6. The Archmage shall, at their discretion, select Cabinet Ministers to serve in designated portfolios.

  1. The Archdruid shall serve until such a time as their resignation or ceasing to exist, or recall.

  2. The Archdruid will have the power to call and administrate all elections and referenda as defined by the charter and other acts of the Local Council.

  3. The Archdruid will maintain the Delegate seat in the game.

  4. The Archdruid will act as the archmage proxy in the world assembly voting as the Archmage requests.

  5. The Archdruid shall appoint a First Guardian. The First Guardian shall maintain the second most endorsements in the region and be confirmed by a 3/4 majority vote by the local council.

  6. In the event the Archdruid resigns or otherwise vacates the position the First Guardian shall immediately assume the role of Archdruid.

  7. The First Guardian may be dismissed by the Archdruid at any time.

  8. The First Guardian can be recalled by a 3/4 majority vote from the local council.

Article IV- Conclave of the Wellspring
  1. The Conclave will consist of at least three Elders, who will select a Chief Elder among them.

  2. The Elders will be appointed by the Delegate for a six month term, and confirmed by the Local Council.

  3. The Conclave will conduct reviews of laws and government policies and actions upon the request of affected parties unless there is compelling regional interest in resolving it.

  4. The Conclave will try all criminal cases and review the constitutionality of laws or legality of government policies and actions.

  1. The Regional Forum will be the forum located at

  2. The Regional Discord will be the server with the id of 1098644885797609492 and owned by Warden of the Spring (1092444745768370266).

  3. Enforcement of Forum Terms Of Service and moderation policies will be the responsibility of forum administration and forum moderators.

  4. Enforcement of Discord Terms Of Service and moderation policies will be the responsibility of Discord administration and Discord moderators.

Article VII- Amendments
  1. The Charter may be amended by a referendum of the citizens as proposed by the Local Council.

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The Regional Message Board (RMB):

The Wellspring Regional Message Board is a place where you can communicate with the other members of the region! Look out for casual conversations as well as a Question of the Day which you can answer! Make sure to stop by to introduce yourself!

Where else does the Community Hang Out?

The community also hangs out in the Linkcommunity Discord! Find lots of fun discussions as well as other aspects of the region such as roleplay or military training! You can join the discord with the link on the World Factbook Entry or the one right above.

Government Structure:


The executive branch consists of the Archmage (aka Delegate), First Guardian (aka Vice Delegate), the High Mages (Ministers), and the Magi (Ministry staff members).

Archmage: Head of State and Delegate, currently: 9006.
First Guardian: Vice Delegate, and Head of the Council of Guardians. currently: Turpotia

High Mages: Heads of Departments.

  • Internal Affairs: Tasked with Integration and development. Zelly

  • Foreign Affairs: Tasked with Foreign Policy. Evil Mother

  • Cultural Affairs: Tasked with maintaining regional culture. USS Merrimack

  • World Assembly Affairs: Tasked with managing our World Assembly Policy and Development. Ghost

Magi: Staff Members.


The Legislative branch is known as the Local Council and consists of all citizens of the Wellspring. The Local Council is led by an elected official known as the Sage (aka Speaker). Assisting the Sage in performing their duties are Deputy Sages. If you would like to become a citizen please join our discord!

The Local Council has the power to pass laws, approve treaties, pass amendments to the Charter, and remove officials from office.


The Judicial branch of the Wellspring is called the Conclave. The Conclave is composed of three Elders appointed by the Archmage and confirmed by the Local Council. The Elders of the Conclave choose a Chief Elder from amongst themselves to lead the body.

The Conclave is empowered to hear criminal cases, provide legal reviews of governmental actions, and review the legality of passed laws.

Other Officials:

There are a few other officials within the Wellspring that do not technically fall under any specific branch of government.

Archdruid: The Archdruid serves as the Chief Election Official for the Wellspring. They call and supervise all elections within the Wellspring according to regional law. Additionally, the Archdruid serves as the official record-keeper of the region, maintaining the record of laws, officials, treaties, and any other official documents of the Wellspring. In the event of a recall being triggered against an official, the Archdruid supervises the proceedings before the Local Council except if the position itself is under a recall. The position is also fairly unique in being a permanent position. The position is appointed by the Archmage and confirmed by a supermajority affirmative vote of the Local Council.

Council of Guardians: The Council of Guardians is a group of highly trusted citizens who are tasked with keeping the region safe. Please make sure to endorse the entire Council of Guardians to ensure our region stays safe!

This is cool! How should I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to join our LinkDiscord and become a citizen! If you cannot join Discord, getting involved on the regional message board is also a great way to become part of the community! No matter what you do, please be sure to join the World Assembly and endorse our Delegate, 9006, and all of the regional security officers!