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Kelra Security Coalition

Kelra Security Coalition
Member Nations󠀠󠀠

Depepi (Delia)


Khuzhai 🏳️


Sierra Grand

Zakaruba 🏳️

🏳️ = Founding Member

Welcome to the Kelra Security Coalition. We are an alliance of nations in the region of Kelra whose sole agenda is to preserve peace and safety in our region. Our alliance of nations all benefit from each other in many ways. Through trade and the sharing of ideas, we all help each other grow by supplementing what is needed for those who help us. Our mission is simple - preserve peace and ensure the safety of all individuals in our observation area.

From the air to the sea, our watchful eyes will always be peeled for those in need. We will give aid to any vessel, craft or individual in distress and assist navigation of the more complex passages of all waters we observe. Any on our soil will be monitored closely for their safety and all aircraft will be tracked with our radar network to provide help in the event of emergency.

  • All nations MUST defend each other if war is declared on them, the defended nation MUST be the defender, not the aggressor.

  • All nations MUST share military documents and plans.

  • All nations MUST monitor their national waters for non KSC militaristic naval movements.

  • All nations MUST pay into the international KSC Defense Budget.

  • All nations MUST provide aid or, search/rescue of military or civilian naval vessels in KSC waters.

  • All founding KSC nations MUST unanimously vote 'for' to enable the ability for a new nation to join the KSC.

  • Nations are NOT under any obligation to join a KSC nation's aggressive war, it will be viewed unsatisfactory if a nation assists in aggression.

  • Nations are NOT controlled in how they run their government, and are not dictated on their ideology.

  • Nations are NOT required to be in economic pacts, ties, binding laws, agreements, etc. (but you may if you wish to do so.)

  • Nations are NOT allowed to trade embargo, or blockade trade imports/exports of fellow KSC nations.

  • Nations are NOT allowed to fully support civil wars occurring in a KSC nation. Fellow KSC members can send volunteer divisions and they can also send civilian and militaristic supplies, under the condition of unanimous Founding Nations agreement.

  • Nations are NOT allowed to provoke, and/or attack a fellow KSC nation. We urge discussion and diplomacy to solve issues in our realm.

  • Nations are NOT allowed to commit crimes of war, and are prohibited on focusing attacks on civilian targets.

  • Nations are NOT allowed to be in a constant state of aggressive warmongering.

  • Nations are NOT allowed to activate, create, transport, or use Nuclear Weapons in anyway without the Founding Nations unanimous vote.

  • Nations CANNOT attempt or orchestrate coups in other KSC nations.

  • Nations CANNOT take advantage of other KSC nations for economic purposes.