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Endorsement Policy

Who is currently the Delegate of Middle Earth, who is appointed on an Official position within the Kingdom and the list of all the Nobles can be found here:
A New Age Begins

On the sixth day of June in the year of our lord two thousand fourteen, Neo Dragon forged a new Kingdom of Middle Earth. To begin a new age of Nobles, Lords, and Kings, to establish a strong foundation in which Middle Earth can grow and flourish for many years to come.

Neo Dragon's reign as Delegate of Middle Earth has lasted for 80 days, but has left behind a legacy worthy of a King.

1. The King / Queen of Middle Earth: . . . March of Maedhros
Serves as WA Delegate and figurehead of Middle Earth. In charge of leading the region and helping it flourish, taking care of daily operations and regional maintenance.


  • Selecting nations to serve in the various cabinet positions on an appointment and volunteer basis.

  • Heading up regional recruitment and expansion, both domestic and foreign

  • Entrusted with the defense of Middle Earth and generally keeping the region secure.

  • Working to increase the number of nations within the region and those in the WA.

  • To rule with justice, ensuring the traditions of Middle Earth are respected and its people are treated fairly.

Requirements: WA membership, Chosen by the people in an official election.

2. Lord / Lady Steward: . . . Celebrimbor
Serves as the Vice-Delegate of Middle Earth and second to the King / Queen.


  • Advises and provides council to the King / Queen.

  • Maintains second highest endorsement count.

  • Works with the King / Queen on regional defense and protecting Middle Earth against raiders seeking to usurp the throne. In this position, is second in command to the WA army.

  • In the event the King / Queen ceases to exist, resigns, or is unable to rule before a successor is chosen, the Lord / Lady Steward becomes WA Delegate until a legitimate King / Queen is decided.

Requirements: WA membership, Noble of Middle Earth

3. High Chancellor: . . . Neo Dragon
Serves as head of internal affairs and third to the King / Queen.


  • In charge of gathering intelligence and maintaining internal security.

  • Working to keep order within Middle Earth and watching for internal threats.

  • Advising and making regular intelligence reports to the King / Queen and Lord / Lady Steward, in order to keep them informed.

  • Working to recruit new nations to Middle Earth and encouraging people to join the World Assembly to be more involved and better defend the realm.

Requirements: WA membership and/or Noble of Middle Earth

4. Master Wizard: . . . The starlight
Serves as head of activities.


  • In charge of developing and promoting regional culture.

  • Oversees regional role-playing games, helps with regional polls, along with assisting and setting up other regional activities.

  • Working to increase regional activity and help Middle Earth flourish.

Requirements: None

5. Lord / Lady of Scrolls: . . . NONE
Serves as regional historian.


  • In charge of archiving records of regional relevance, focusing on elements NS doesn't automatically save, and publishing them as factbooks. Said work includes but is not limited to making records of which WA nations are in the region, regional government cabinet members and their terms, historical WFEs and flags, Middle Earth's allies and alliances, and anything else considered worthy of being recorded.

  • Is aware of dispatches written by other members of the region, and incorporates them into a master dispatch, with corresponding links tying together everything.

  • Working to reconstruct some of the ancient regional history with help from older members.

Requirements: None

6. Royal Ambassador: . . . The Lady of Lorien
In charge of foreign affairs and heading up international relations.


  • Serving as or appointing ambassadors to regions for diplomatic purposes

  • Keeping up contact with allies

  • Developing new alliances.

Requirements: None

Nobles of Middle Earth:
A group of recognized elder residents who have all been WA Delegate of Middle Earth at one point, new Nobles to be added upon completion of their time as WA Delegate.

The nobles are established as a senior council to help oversee the development and future of Middle Earth. They are encouraged to offer the current King / Queen council and to take up regional positions when available. They are standing guard as the protectors of Middle Earth, ensuring the interests of all its people.

The nobles of Middle Earth are as follows:

Secession of the King / Queen:
When the time comes for a new King / Queen to be crowned, new WA delegate to be elected, the current King / Queen, is to oversee the election procedures. In the event there is no current King / Queen, the duty falls to the Lord Steward, then to High Chancellor, if both are unable, the current WA Delegate and Nobles of Middle Earth are to oversee the election procedures.

An election is to take place when the current King / Queen decides to step down at a time of their choosing or in the event the King / Queen ceases to exist. An interim election can be called by the Lord Steward, or support of three Nobles of Middle Earth after 90 days of an elected King's / Queen's rule. Allowing residents to vote in a new King / Queen or revote for the current King / Queen.

Election procedures are to take place within Middle Earth, giving a timeframe of at least one week of nominations followed by at least one week for residents to cast their vote in an official regional poll. This time frame can be expanded in length if deemed necessary by the responsible overseeing the election (generally, the WA Delegate at the time).

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The rules governing the endorsement policy within Middle Earth are as follows:

1. All WA residents are required to endorse the elected WA Delegate and King / Queen of Middle Earth.

2. WA nations should also endorse the Lord / Lady Steward as the vice-delegate to help keep his endorsement count 2nd highest.

3. To further strengthen regional security we encourage people to endorse former WA Delegates, the Nobles of Middle Earth.

4. Residents are free to endorse whom else they wish, however it is the tradition of Middle Earth to not over-endorsement swap with one another.

Many residents are hesitant and weary of endorsement swapping due to raiders raiding the region by making use of this method.

We encourage people to not over endorse anyone, and to keep an eye out for particularly new residents getting too many endorsements. They are to be reported on-sight to the Delegate and Vice Delegate.

Residents are not allowed to have more than roughly 30% of the current endorsement count of the Delegate, unless they are Nobles and / or occupy an official position within the kingdom.

The Nobles / Officials should strive not to have more than 60~70% of the current endorsement count of the Delegate, with the Lord / Lady Steward having around at most 80~90% of the current endorsement count of the Delegate.

These numbers are to be serving as general guidelines.

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