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The R.E. HSSPMISREDCET Reject Forcefield

This Forcefield is revolutionary for Space Travel Safety and will dominate the spacescape for decades.

Here is how it works

- High Speed Scanning
- Partial Magnetism
- Eddy Current
- Forced Electricity Transfer

It combines all these attributes together and reverse engineer's them thus creating a reject field against all and anything foreign.

The Scanner
- Picks up anything foreign
- If foreign the R.E. system kicks in and tells the Magnet to go to work on that object
- The Object will then reverse its path and not hit it or just curve and rotate around the forcefield

The Magnet
- A strong enough magnetic force will pull anything magnetic and non-magnetic in
- Combined with R.E. Technology, it does the opposite of pulling and pushed away the object

The Eddy Current & Forced Electricity Transfer
- If the magnet isn't magnetic enough for non-magnetic items, the E.C. and F.E.T. will kick in
- The E.C. is a natural process and will work on most non-magnetic metals and materials
- The F.E.T. is the last defense to other materials and will force a precision amount of electricity on the object to shock it out of its path and keep it away from the spacecraft.

All combined together it makes a powerful reject field against the most common of space dangers.