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Embassy Request?

Embassy Requirements:
The Empire of Tamriel

What The Empire of Tamriel is looking for in order to be allies.

1.Your region must have a population of at least 15 nations.

2. Your region must have an active RMB.

3. Your region must have a stable government.

Your embassy may... nay, will be denied if it is inactive (dead RMB or founder/delegate don't update the region withing a certain amount of time)

If your region meets all the requirments please send a TG (telegram) to the Councilor of Foreign Affairs and wait for approval.

Failure after 24 hours to send a Telegram to the Councilor or Emoeror about the purposed Embassies will result in an immediate decline in acceptance.

Note: The Empire of Tamriel may still deny your request even if your region meets all requirements and vice versa.

Reasons why embassy might have been closed:

Any requirements as stated above were no longer met.

Your region isn't involved with The Empire of Tamriel as we would like it to be.

The Empire of Tamriel was doing a little embassy clean up and you were deleted by mistake.