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The Empire of Tamriel Official RP Rules

Rules for Role Playing in The Empire of Tamriel

All added rules are in immediate effect.

1. A nation must have WA-Membership, or proof of such to join RPs. This is to prevent spamming puppets, and cheating the RP.

2. Portals can only be used to transport a single or depending on the situation, a small group of people to a single destination. Can't spawn in any city's or in buildings, but may spawn on the outskirts.

3. Only one nation can be used in a single RP at a time.

4. Tamriel and other made realms cannot be completely destroyed.

5. Only TES: Lore Tech will be tolerated in the RP, this is a TES based region. EX: Mid-evil and Pre tech.

6. During TES RP, you must pick and use one race from TES.

7. You must have a spot on the map or you can be a WA nation and have told everyone the area you've chosen and continue to take part in the RP till the map maker adds you.

7. Overpowered actions/characters/armies/technologies/magic, and so on, are strictly forbidden. If the Emperor, High Chancellor or Councilor of Internal Affairs believes a post/character (and so on) is overpowered, it has to be rewritten or else it is voided. Unless a person can give a logical reasoning behind a really powerful items it may be allowed. A nation must always take a loss in combat(Other areas may apply) because no nation is invincible

8. Controlling other nations without the allowance of those nations is forbidden.

9. Meta-gaming is strictly forbidden. Your characters cannot know things out of OOC conversations/telegrams/etc, unless said conversations/telegrams/etc were purposefully intended to be IC (In Character) and there is proof for that.

10. Region-wide events and role-plays such as extragalactic invasions and the like have to be allowed by either the Emperor or the High Chancellor.

11. Always give people time to react. If you war against someone, you have to give that someone a chance to retaliate; do NOT flood the RMB or Forum threads with posts about how you invade him without him being able to do something against it; this rule is temporarily set out of power if either party in a war does not respond for one week and does not give a reason as to their absence beforehand. In that case, the war may be continued. If a nation suffers some unforeseen accident and obviously is not active at then this rule is disabled or the player has power to void the RP.

12. You have to make extensive factbook on everything you want to use in fights/wars, etc. Describe it's abilities, it's function, (preferably) how it works, etc; furthermore, to prevent emergency speed-edits, once a battle/war/fight commences, any edits conducted on the factbooks of the objects involved in that conflict will be regarded as void until after the conflict has ended.

13.You may only use your main nation and only a single alternate nation in a war.

14. You may only participate in a war/battle/combat if your nation appears on the regional map, or if the map-maker can vouch you are there that the map has yet to be updated.

15. Gods, or God-like creatures, are allowed to exist in the lore of a nation or as a 'passive' character, but are NOT allowed to be used in wars/fights/etc. Special exceptions can be made if the fight/war is a single-nation controlled RP event: ask the High Chancllor, Emperor, or Councilor of Internal Affairs for allowance.
Example for unacceptable demi-god and acceptable demi-god
Such as oh he is demi-god and no matter how many times you stab him he can only be killed using this super rare metal that can only be found in my land and oh not to mention I mined it all and destroyed hehehahaha sons of biscuits!!!!

(EX: There is the the through science and magic I have amplied the dragon blood so now my character lives forever like a dragon. If he dies a death in battle then if his body if left laying for 200 years he'll come back to life. If you bury him he'll need to resurrected using the shout Alduin used which is kept secret in a secret place where nobody not even the nation's own people can learn it until creator deems otherwise which will not be every time he dies.
You see what I mean? I'd define banning of god-like characters like those who people make to be able to destroy 25,000 soldiers in a direct head to head battle.)

16. Everything has to be stated in a factbook on your NS nation page or on somewhere on the RMB(Preferred that a factbook is made is
great detail immediately) before it can be used for a war, fight, attack, etc. Furthermore, it is appreciated when said factbooks contain more than just an image, and actually describe what they're about.

17. You may only bring up to three nations, including your main WA nation, into the region.

18. If any RP involves attacks on other nations, then said nations may only be destroyed or in any other way seriously damaged if the owner of the nation allows it.

19. No nation may be forced into an RP. Any RP involving a nation must be agreed upon by all parties involved.

20. All and any RP Rule may change at Emperors discretion

MP/Economic counting's:

1. Illegitimate RP post or bad ones will be suppressed.
Example of a bad one.
"Mehrunes Dagon shrugs. He's already done what those mortals wanted anyway. He flips Hermaeus Mora the bird."

2. Must use MP(Military Power or Man Power) to fill ships. MP can not be devoted to an army only unless the nation has no ports.

3. 9 and the rest should require cartographer permission, convince him and must do a legitimate RP.

4. You must RP with someone who is controlling the unclaimed city. Which will make it more of a challenge and there is a chance of defeat.
Ignoring city siege RPs without adequate reasoning will result in the loss of that city. One will not get that city back at the end of regional RP even if they are within the city safe limit.

5.A nation cannot control 2 nations on the map through the form of puppets. If someone wants to control 2 nations in RP they'd still be restricted to 12 limit etc.

Using Mathtolia as an Example:
Motherland of Atmora, and the City-States of Atmora have a disagreement and the city-states break away.
Then he'd control Atmora and the Sestres Federation but still bound by the limit.

6. 470,000mp x 50 =23,500,000 population
23,500,000 x 10 = 235,000,000 in tax revenue

7. Military Power which is basically our military.
MP of a city is 25,000 which is now used for both army and to fill naval ships.

8. MP x 50 = Population
1 city = 25,000
1 village = 2,500

9. Currently on the economy
If you have 400,000 MP you have 20mil population
If you have 20mil pop x 20 you'd have 400mil income (The MP and Economic plan is still in prototype phase, but is going to be applied.)

10. The Imperial City = 4 city's because of its importance in Tamriel and its rich filled cultural value.

Any posts breaking any of these rules are to be ignored and reported to Emperor or another Council member. Post will then be suppressed and void out of RP.

Metagaming: Metagaming is never accepted.

Examples of metagaming include:
Gaining knowledge from Out-Of Character.
Using knowledge from a previously played or dead character.
Using certain types of attack or defense based on the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent that the player's character is unaware of.
Acting on any knowledge that the character is not aware of.
Adjusting a character's behavior towards other player characters based on real-life relationships with other players.
Any action that is based upon the knowledge that one is playing a game.
Using another player's post to gather information that one's own character doesn't have access to.

RPing in General on NS

RP Examples

Etiquette & Standards to Adhere to on the RMB
Not everyone coming into Nation States is well versed in the standards afforded to roleplay in the company of others. Some may be roleplaying for the first time, others not familiar with normal mannerisms and rules in roleplay, or simply in need of a refresher. This guide exists to instill in such individuals, and You, with rules to live by when roleplaying in The Empire of Tamriel.

When roleplaying, of utmost importance is avoiding the practice known as "godmodding". This is also called "powergaming", "railroading", and "steering" in some communities. Godmodding is any instance in which a player takes control or dictates the actions of another player's meta, such as their character(s) or nation(s). This is far and beyond the most egregious infraction a player can commit so far as conduct in roleplay is concerned. Below, for clarity, take note of the examples:



The Confederacy of Last Plains is roleplaying with The Grand People's Republic of The Northern Chinese Provinces on the RMB. The Confederacy of Last Plains decides to have a character under his control, Foreign Secretary Hans Smith, make romantic advances upon The nothern chinese provinces's character, President Cai Zhongshan. The Grand People's Republic of The Northern Chinese Provinces decides to have his President reject Secretary Smith's advances, but The Confederacy of Last Plains ignores this and claims that President Cai and Secretary Smith instantly fall in love and decide to get married together.

In this example, The Confederacy of Last Plains godmodded The Grand People's Republic of The Northern Chinese Provinces to get what he wanted; The Confederacy of Last Plains ignored what The Grand People's Republic of The Northern Chinese Provinces said, and then took control of his character. This is against the rules.

The Athrugadhi and Hylian Empire of Laurentia and Arcadia and The Interstellar Federation of Nova Maryland are roleplaying together. The Athrugadhi and Hylian Empire of Laurentia and Arcadia's character, Empress Ritona is engaged in a trade deal with one of The Interstellar Federation of Nova Maryland's trade delegates. Unknown to Empress Ritona, however, The Interstellar Federation of Nova Maryland has engineered the trade deal to attempt an assassination using highly trained Linkblack-ops agents! During the meeting, the agents fire upon Empress Ritona, wounding her!

This interaction can be considered godmodding as well. Because The Interstellar Federation of Nova Maryland's crack-troops, regardless of their training, hit the Empress simply because The Interstellar Federation of Nova Maryland says so, it is against the rules. However,, if The Athrugadhi and Hylian Empire of Laurentia and Arcadia agrees to this sequence of events beforehand or does not object to them, the scenario is permissible. If in doubt, always contact the High Chancllor, Councilor of Internal Affairs, or another Regional Officers to resolve the issue for you as he/she will have the last say on the matter.

The Confederate Republic of North Krualstiken and The Galactic Democratic Republic of The Portland Territory are engaged in conflict! The Confederate Republic of North Krualstiken decides to send a squadron of strike-fighters loaded with biological weapons to bomb one of The Galactic Democratic Republic of The Portland Territory's military bases. As they approach his airspace, The Confederate Republic of North Krualstiken states that the bombers unleash their payload, and the bombs fall toward the city. The Galactic Democratic Republic of The Portland Territory, knowing that this particular base does not have the capability to withstand the biological weapons, receives the payload, and hundreds of his men are killed in painful, agonizing fashion, and roleplays the base becoming combat-ineffective.

This interaction between The Confederate Republic of North Krualstiken and The Galactic Democratic Republic of The Portland Territory is the standard for roleplay interaction. The Confederate Republic of North Krualstiken did not declare that the bombs destroyed the base or killed men outright. Instead, she stated what her units did, and allowed The Galactic Democratic Republic of The Portland Territory to react appropriately. Because conflict is bound to erupt on the RMB between nations, it is important to understand that you are not fighting for your life, but instead telling a story. If you are unhappy with the way a conflict is progressing, the High Chancllor, Councilor of Internal Affairs, or another Regional Officers can step in and make a ruling on what occurs in the combat or every-day roleplay. This interaction is how all roleplay should be carried out, not just conflicts.

Another common issue is acting realistically. Rather, people acting unrealistically.

While the region is somewhat casual in its approach to roleplay, it is important to note that acting in a manner that could be deemed "sensible" when it comes to your posts and actions it preferable. We will avoid lengthy scenarios for this section, and keep it simple: utilize common sense. No military in the world has the ability to fully mobilize overnight. Where a single day in real life accounts for a full month in the roleplay, it should take roughly half of the day for your nation to mobilize its military. Mobilization, for those unaware, is the process by which an army prepares for war. This includes fueling vehicles, repairing broken equipment, mustering troops, loading weapons, and positioning units. It always takes time, and is never instantaneous. The larger your nation's military, the harder it will be to effectively mobilize, and mobilizing your nation will put a strain on your nation's economy.

Strict rules are not in place as of yet to regulate this as it is not too often a problem, but it is the job of the High Chancllor, Councilor of Internal Affairs, or another Regional Officers to corral players that go a bit overboard in their actions. Once again, if you are in doubt about whether an action is permissible or not, simply ask the High Chancllor, Councilor of Internal Affairs, or another Regional Officers; he or she is there for such a reason, and it is better to ask than to be embarrassed when you're wrong.

Lastly, simple manners.

While you are not required to be polite and courteous, you will catch more flies with honey than you will with oil, and be less likely to incite the wrath of the gods when you make a mistake or break the rules. When addressing other players, attempt to be courteous and kind. Some are blunt while others are soft in their speech, so be mindful that not everything is a personal attack. If you have an issue with a player, the correct manner by which to solve is not having a flame-war on the RMB. Contacting a Councilor (or maybe those handy High Chancllor, Councilor of Internal Affairs, or another Regional Officers people seem to keep talking about) is the most hassle-free and mature fashion by which to solve conflicts before they get out of hand.

With that out of the way, keep the rules in mind and refer to them when necessary. Enjoy yourself, and welcome to The Empire of Tamriel.

Roleplay 101

Many of us in the region like to partake in the roleplay aspect of NationStates, be it on the main forum or on here. And it can be a lot of fun. But it can turn pretty quickly if you don't keep in mind a few things while you're playing.

1. Understand and respect the rules.
Every roleplay has rules. Sure, they may take the direct route out of a situation sometimes, but the fun comes from using the limitations in creative manners to get to your intended destination. Plus it stops everyone from doing pretty insane things (which I'll talk about later).

There is usually a list in the first post about what will and will not be tolerated. Read this, it will save you a lot of grief. But there are also a lot of "unwritten rules", like etiquette and...well, essentially what this post is all about. So I suggest you bone up on them too.

Oh yeah, did I remember to state how important this is? No? Well, it is very important. On this forum, when we RP, if you disrespect the rules, we will tell you. Usually this gets everyone back into line again, and things carry on as normal. On the NS forum, however, it can get a little more heavy, as they have moderators who are specifically there to keep things running smoothly. (Yes, our staff here do the same, but we participate as much as everyone else here, we're a little easier on you guys, plus we don't have our own little staff cave where we hold stuff akin to the Mod Olympics.) And given the sheer size of the game, they can afford to come down a little harder on rule breakers. That means bans. And getting banned not only from an RP but from the entire game, for however long it is, is not a good look.

2. Do your research.
This is also very important, from multiple standpoints. Know about the roleplay that you're participating in. The signup thread usually gives a rundown on what's happening, so you know what's going on. The first post also sets the scene for you. Read these intently, as it'll save you a lot of grief and embarrassment.

Also, make sure you have a working knowledge of the sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and technology, as well as anything else you may need to know. People will give you grief for mixing up basic information. A simple rule of thumb is, "if you don't know how it works, don't include it."

Get to know your fellow players' characters. This bit of research is both an in-character and out-of-character exercise, and builds a lot of rapport with your fellow players, as it means you're willing to participate and cooperate, even if you're eventually going to stab them in the back. (No, not everyone does that, but you get where I'm going.)

Finally—and this last one is recommended, but not mandatory—get to know about something called tropes. These are storytelling devices, and since roleplaying is essentially telling a story, getting to know these devices can help you out when it comes to playing.

3. Allow some character development.
"No, my character wouldn't get herself into that kind of situation. I refuse to play any further until this is rectified." I haven't heard anyone say this exactly, but there are some players out there who seem to know everything about their character, and hence do not allow their character to grow. A big problem with that: what if they're in a situation that is outside their experience/your consideration? Character development is what allows your character(s) to grow, and also give you an opportunity to grow as a writer, as every new situation provides you with a new chance to get creative.

It is possible that characters will enter familiar situations, but usually something is a little different the second time around, which means a modified solution (and another chance to get creative).

Speaking of characters...

4. Don't play someone else's character.
It's a respect thing. They created the character, so do not assume you know their reactions to what you say or do, because they will surprise you.

On a more general note here, though, respect your fellow players. Insulting them in-character is okay if the plot warrants it; go overboard, or do it out of character, and whatever respect you earned will be lost immediately.

5. Don't godmode.
This kind of combines points two through four, and is generally included the roleplay rules, but I'm going to list it here, because this is a very important thing to remember, and a very easy mistake to make on your first time. I said in point three that you don't know everything about your character; the same extends to your character's knowledge. You don't know everything, you can't do everything, and you can't be everywhere; neither does/can your character. Godmoding tends to break the game, and stop making it fun for everyone else. Keep your characters—and your gameplay in general—grounded and realistic.

Allow me to give you an example:
I have a character, Gempidon Deach, who acts as a sort of agent on orders solely from the Emperor (and never a third party). Now, say she had been asked (however unlikely it is) to assassinate an influential citizen of another nation. Sniper-style, for the sake of this example. So she sets herself up and takes the shot.
Now, he could avoid the shot. How is up to the player, and the direction he chooses will determine whether he godmodes or not. A person walking in front of the shot is acceptable, albeit unlikely in real life (it does, however, happen). Him spotting her without any visual aids and dodging the shot of his own volition is not acceptable, unless he is a cyborg, in which case it would've been revealed earlier. That second one is godmoding.

As I said before, godmoding breaks the game, and takes the fun out of the roleplay. I've been in an RP where the OP godmoded, and believe me, it's no fun when everything you do ends up with the ruler of the nation completely obliterating your cast. (Many of the senior region members have too been in situations where godmoding has occurred, and their experiences are exactly the same.) Moderators on NS don't take too kindly to godmoders, and tend to deal with them very quickly. We don't like them here either, although we tend to go more towards ignoring those posts (and, in rare cases, suppressing godmode posts, although at the time of writing, we had managed not to resort to that). Even if you don't get caught, you realise very quickly that continuously playing the god means you lose a lot of players from your game, and it gets very boring and very "unfun" very quickly, because no-one wants to play with someone who can essentially nullify everything they do.

There is, however, a way to avoid that...

6. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
The main NS game has something called "mentors", who are essentially highly experienced roleplayers who have been recognised for their contributions. Because of their experience in the RP world, they know a lot of what makes a quality roleplay post. Don't be afraid to ask them questions about how to roleplay, because they may very well have the answer to that bugging query.

Here on the regional board, we don't really have mentors; that job falls mostly to our staff. But we are still willing to answer questions about roleplay, including any concerns you have about how you play something.

In either case, make sure you take what is suggested to heart; we aren't just throwing around random stuff here. We are helping you out here, so having our advice completely ignored can lead to...well, I've already spoken about it.

7. Don't gatecrash.
Have you ever been to a party when someone who wasn't on the guest list turns up and starts wrecking the atmosphere? Pretty terrible, isn't it? Same feeling occurs when someone gatecrashes an RP. It throws everything out, because you have this new unknown come in, and it's especially bad if they start posting from the get-go, completely nullifying everything you've worked towards.

Many RPs have a signup thread for this very reason. A few other RPs are invitation-only, which means you need to ask to join before you can post. Only a very minute number of RPs (less than 0.1%, by approximations) are completely open.

8. Have fun.
This should go without saying, but this is why we RP. If it becomes a chore to RP, then you need to take a break from it.