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Full list of banners -- BIG SPOILER


I created a page that shows ALL banners regardless of whether they're unlocked or not :

There's no hacking here. I simply looked through the source code of the NS banner page and saw that each banner had an ID which also served as the file name, so then it was a matter of copying the source, filtering it down to a list of essentials--banner title, description, ID--and writing a script that ran through that list. Throw in some CSS for good measure and that's it!

Notes :
- Some banners have a dark border and others don't--it's just an extra personal touch to show banners that I've unlocked.
- Recently added (2018, August) my own little 'favourite' markers for a bunch of banners.
- Depending on which browser you have, you may not see some or all of the LinkCSS animations (IE 9 for example).
- At the risk of stating the obvious, and not that it has happened (yet), there is no need to message me saying I ruined things for you.
- However, you are welcome to notify me of changes (new banners, updated descriptions)...
- Also, I don't aggressively seek out how to unlock banners (in fact, I've rarely visited my nations in the last months).

Link to this dispatch posted in the forum.