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The Peace Accords: Non-Aggression Pact between The Pacific and The Rejected Realms

The Peace Accords
Non-Aggression Pact between The Pacific and The Rejected Realms

Ratified: Feb 15, 2015.

Recognising that the past between the signatories is mired with war, conflict, and a severe lack of understanding,

Acknowledging that both parties wish to pursue a brighter future where past grievances are resolved and new friendships are forged,

Believing that any positive future relationship between our regions must first begin with mutual respect, recognition, and peace,

Both parties hereby:

1. Call for the immediate cessation of any continuing hostilities between The Pacific and The Rejected Realms hereafter, as well as all and any associated armed forces or militias.

2. Reaffirm the amnesty given by former Emperor Pierconium to former residents displaced by the August Revolution and others too who participated in the Great War between the New Pacific Order and the Alliance Defense Network, and recognize their right to return to the region, understanding they would be subject to the New Pacific Order and the Pacific's existing laws and codes or its legal successors.

3. Recognize the governments legally established under the Constitution of The Rejected Realms and the Articles of Government of the New Pacific Order, any associated legal documents and any legal successor governments thereto, as the legitimate governments of The Rejected Realms and The Pacific, respectively.

4. Respect the right of these legitimate governments to govern their respective home regions sovereignly, based on their existing legal documents or their legal successors.

5. Vow neither to invade the home region of the other party nor to participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government as recognised in this Pact.

6. Understand that the parties are expected not to circumvent this agreement nor undermine its terms in any way, including through third parties.

7. This Pact is to be considered valid from its moment of its signing, and until any of the parties desires to rescind it. Cancellation of this agreement requires the rescinding party to formally notify the other through appropriate government channels with at least 30 days anticipation.