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Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation between The Coalition of Democratic Nations and The Rejected Realms

Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation between The Coalition of Democratic Nations and The Rejected Realms
Ratified: Feb 25, 2015

We the sovereign regions of The Rejected Realms and The Coalition of Democratic Nations wish to affirm a spirit of friendship and cooperation between our two regions by pursuing relations on an even closer and more concrete basis.

Article I - Sovereignty and Legitimacy

1 § The parties to this agreement recognize the government of each region, based upon its constitutions and laws, as legitimate, and will not extend that recognition to any government that comes to power through means not prescribed by law, which shall be determined by the legitimate government in question.

2 § Both signatories agree to recognize each other as sovereign entities with the sovereign authority to govern themselves.

Article II - Non-Aggression

1 § The signatories vow neither to attack the home region of the other party nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government.

2 § The signatories will refrain from conspiring, either directly or through a third party, to destabilize or overthrow the legitimate government of either party.

3 § Signatories agree that participation on the opposite sides of a military engagement does not automatically constitute hostility or an attack on either signatory.

Article III - Mutual Defense

1 § Both signatories agree to aid in defending the security and sovereignty of the other party’s region. They will provide this support at the request of the other party, or if the signatory believes that a state of emergency exists in which the other party is unable to request assistance.

2 § A signatory is always at liberty to refuse receiving aid.

Article IV - Future Relations

1 § Both parties will endeavor to forge a stronger relationship built on cultural, military and diplomatic cooperation, which requires helping one another satisfy their own needs of security, support and expertise.

2 § Both signatories shall maintain open embassies (in-game) with one another.

3 § This agreement shall be deposited in a publicly accessible area of the community forums of both parties.

Article V - Suspension of Terms and Termination of the Agreement

1 § Either signatory may terminate the agreement with five days' notice, posted publicly in the forum of deposit in both regions, after which the terms of the agreement are no longer binding on either party.

2 § Both signatories agree to attempt to seek a diplomatic solution before the termination of this agreement.