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Deutschland Is Celebrating The Two Year Anniversary Of Its Refounding

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends of the region Deutschland,

Sometimes the urge strikes to carry the good bottles up from the cellar, invite friends, and throw a celebration – so why not commemorate a happy occasion together with people who made it possible. Lo and behold, an occasion presents itself.

Deutschland is a laid-back, casual region. People mostly bring a nation and stay because we want a pleasant, cozy place to hang out together, where chat in our language is welcome. Some of our nations have been around for quite a long time. A couple of years ago, because playing without players being griefed on NationStates is conditional, our group decided we'd attempt to fulfil the conditions, i.e. wipe out and refound the region. We requested support from the 10000 Islands defender organisation TITO, which they generously gave, coordinated by Improving Wordiness (Wordy). A successful refound restores voluntariness of player-to-player interaction for one group of people. Thanks a bunch to everyone who contributed to some players not getting griefed away from an internet game. Let's open the good bottles, get out the regional specialities from different corners of Deutschland, and propose some toasts.

And now a few screenshots from the collaborative effort.

This is the old region with the previous founder Schwerin, founded in Antiquity, a player who after some time quite normally had moved on and stopped playing, as anyone may. The region was password protected by the previous delegate, Typhootania. The last posts on the RMB show the results of the roll call vote, and the request to move. The community's nations have moved to the temporary region. Yermaney, our elected new delegate and elected future founder volunteer, as last nation from the passworded Deutschland moves to the temporary region Deutsch, entrusting the region to the defender nations that have been invited.

Just a couple of defender nations from 10000 Islands remain in Deutschland.

A view from the temporary region: The refound is complete!

Yermaney announces the re-opening of Deutschland, and nations start returning.

We kept our temporary region from the refound as a museum. If anyone is interested who has never watched a larger community refound in action, you can still read up the process going through the RMB of Deutsch from beginning to end: Deutsch. For a description of the democratic and technical process, see the dispatch How We Refounded.

And now on to the commemorative feasting. Prost!