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Two Year Anniversary Guestbook

Thank you all for attending!

Zum Wohl!
- Vlpska

Pleased to be here. =)
- Klopstock

All that is missing is good music
- Neu Heidelberg

Greetings from 10000 Islands and congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! :)
- Barry the butler

I've brought muffins for the party. :)
- Anankes puppet

Alles Gute Deutschland zum zweijährigen Jubiläum! :-D
- Felandia

Nur das allerbeste wünsche ich Euch!!
- Emissary louisistan

Its great to be here to celebrate with you all :D
- Mark

happy 2nd Anniversary of you Re-Founding!
- Germanahii

Happy anniversary, Deutschland!
- -Paffnia-

Guten tag!
- Valoniah

Greetings from 10000 Islands!
- Winterfell reborn

Happy anniversary from XKI!
- The 13th squad

Hi Deutschland, happy anniversary!
- Nox

lang lebe Deutschland (das Land und die Region)!
- Razorendia

Here's to more years of prosperity!
- Harperians

Happy anniversary, Deutschland!
- 104 Banbury Road

unendlich viele tolle Jahre oder so
- Seloria

Happy anniversary from 10000 Islands!
- Gyllia

Hello, I'm new. What is going on today?
- Unionland

Happy Anniversary From The SOP
- Sopcinder

I'm a little late to the party but a sincere happy anniversary!
- Greater Escanaba

- Sir Aerso

Breschdlingsgsellswegga :D
- East marbury

The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Yermaney