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Per Aspera Ad Equestria

History has been written on this day. A mere seventeen years have passed since the ALEPH Institute first claimed an incredible discovery: A world (P42-Theta-8Z60) inhabited by sentient creatures shaped like the characters from a children's cartoon that call themselves ponies.

Though our contact with Terra a century ago proved beyond doubt that interdimensional travel is possible, the very concept seemed absurd.

Now, in the final days of the millennium, the institute has succeeded in attuning a fully-powered matter conduit. After a series of seventeen environmental probes, the conduit was declared safe for sophont travel.

At dawn on Radiane 34, the first human pioneers were sent through the gate. Their names are Dr. Daria Seltar (physicist), Dr. Karzad Gat (xenobiologist) and Rona Belyedh (arch-incantatrix).

Within the hour, we were honored to receive the first equine exploration team, who were introduced as Giant Leap (mare, Earth pony, physicist), Deep Resonance (mare, Unicorn, thaumatologist) and Starry Skies (stallion, Pegasus, sociologist).

This is a glorious day for both our worlds.