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2015 April Lecture Series - TRR

For the past few months, our Office of Internal Affairs has been working hard to build the LinkLibrary of Spurned Knowledge - a collection of learned works of history, law and philosophy that pertain to The Rejected Realms and to the wider NationStates community.

The Library is proud to announce that later this month, it will play host to a number of key speakers from The Rejected Realms who have been invited to present their colourful and illuminating intellectual forays into various areas of interest. Few regions are blessed with the intellectual rigor to be able to host a series of lectures from their own residents, thus we are both honoured and humbled to play host to this very exciting week-long event and share with you, the ideas and insights which these thinkers have to say.

We've prepared a schedule of the expected lectures below; bear in mind: April lectures are always best hosted in May. Bah!


Lectures Schedule

April 27 - Monday

The Church of Satan - "A New Generation of NationStates: Where Are We Headed?". This lecture builds on other past literature such as "An Analysis of NationStates Generations," to discuss the future of NationStates, post-Great Revival. The Church of Satan, as an up-and-coming player himself, will discuss what he thinks is in store for NationStates.

April 28 - Tuesday

Gruenberg - "Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of the World Assembly". This mysterious little title is a reference to the so-called "LinkSokal affair" - a playful satire of postmodern academic literature - no doubt, you can expect Gruenberg, a regular columnist with the Rejected Times and author of LinkThe Right to Socks: What's Left for the WA?, to discuss the state of the World Assembly with his usual burning intellect and searing wit.

April 29 - Wednesday

Cormac Stark - "Regions, Orgs, and Groups, Oh My: The Future of Defending". Cormac Stark, co-founder of the Grey Wardens, speculates on where defending is headed - looking at the kaleidoscope of different ways in which contemporary defending is pursued: regions, organisations, soup kitchens, groups and #jump etc. Sure to elicit at least one 'back in my day, we only ever needed AIM' response.

Warzone Codger - "National Self Determinism and Regional Politics". Warzone Codger, popular alternative thinker, discusses the relationship between nation management and regional politics, proposing suggestions which could bring the two together and revolutionize NationStates.

April 30 - Thursday

Christian Democrats - "Regional Identity Politics: The Mass Region Model and the Ideological Region Model". How does a region come to portray itself and manage its identity to, presumably, the inclusion or exclusion of others? Christian Democrats, honoured reject statesman, explores two different ways in which regions construct a regional identity.

May 1 - Friday

Starrie - "Predicting the Effects of Issues". The Rejected Times's resident 'stats guru', a multiple 'Pulitzer Prize' winner and author of LinkRegional Romance: Regions and embassies as a social network investigates typology in NationStates. Expect lots of graphs, statistics, qualitative research and awesome stuff, basically.

May 2 - Saturday

Nasania - "The Gameplay Alignment Test and the LEO test Compared or How is LEO filtered through the NS game mechanic?". Nasania discusses how the Gameplay Alignment Test and its axes, Regionalism, Defenderism, Invaderism and Cosmopolitanism, correspond to more traditional measures of political theory, like Equality, Liberty and Order.

May 3 - Sunday

Unibot - "A Society of Rejects: Individualism, Liberalism and the Nature of Democracy in The Rejected Realms". Unibot, author of LinkSpeaking Truth to Power, discusses the prominence of particular ideas encapsulated in the Rejected Realms's body of law to advance a surprising new perspective on the Rejected Realms' political and legal philosophy.


Note: the following schedule may be subject to changes, revisions, cancellations - who knows, some of our speakers may even be abducted by aliens.

The Moon Mist of Unibot III