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Geometric Pokemon Trainers

This entry is based on an imaginary pokemon game I have came up with my comrades and I. I call it "Pokemon G", the "G" would obviously represent "The Geometric Universe". This idea of mine is only an idea right now, and it is basically fused with the activity in the Geometrix and the pokemon universe that you all have known and loved for so long. Based on the story going on inside the Geometrix, I have formed a realm in which you as the protagonist of the game are raised in this universe with no limits (The Geometric Universe) and become a pokemon trainer in an attempt to save your home from eternal doom by the evil forces. Below I have provided a list of some of the characters you will face and their pokemon, I know this all makes no sense now but I'm only able to explain a little bit at a time due to my busy schedule in reality, but just be patient, things will start to unfold better gradually.

(The maximum level pokemon can reach is still 100)

(As team Team Rage begins to make their appearance in the game, you start to see them use pokemon at levels such as these below, as they start out weak just as you do.)
Team Rage Grunt- Numel-level 9 and Tauros-level 10

Team Rage Grunt- Carvanha-level 9 and Tauros level 10

(But then you go on later in the story and see that they are starting to advance, of course to advance to your level, all opponents in the storyline should match up to the strength to the average pokemon gamer who plays "Pokemon G", just as they did in earlier games.)
Team Rage Grunt- Tyrunt-level 23, Mightyena-level 25, and Torkoal-level 24

Team Rage Grunt- Numel-level 26 and Raticate-level 25

Team Rage Grunt- Trapinch- level 24, Sandslash-level 24, and Beedrill-level 25

Team Rage Commander- Torkoal-level 27, Tauros-level 25, and Carvanha-level 26

(Then they get to the point where they can get pesky...)
Team Rage Grunt- Camerupt-level 47 and Bouffalant-level 46

Team Rage Grunt- Tauros- level 47 and Bouffalant-level 47

Team Rage Grunt- Mightyena-level 48, Arbok-level 48, and Sharpedo-level 49

(Two Team Commanders fight you at the same time, having both to fight all by your self.)
Team Commander Duo- 1st Commander- Mightyena-level 49 and Weavile-level 50 +
2nd Commander- Houndoom-level 49, and Tentacruel-level 50

(You know at first when starting this game, Team Rage seems to be the villain team dominating the game, lead by Rage. But it was all an illusion in the support of a stronger threat; Team Chaos, which ill explain in a later fact book you will see called "Pokemon G".)
Rage(1st time)- Bouffalant-level 26, Loudred-level 27, and Tyrunt-level 29

(After you beat Rage the first time back a while ago in the story when Team Rage started to seem tougher, you battle him again in the fate of the world and battles you as Team Rage's last hope to continue.)
Rage(2nd time)- Bouffalant-level 52, Exploud-level 53, Tyrantrum-level 55, and Heatran-level 53

Fox- Ninetails-level 50, Zoroark-level 50, Jolteon-level 50, Delphox-level 52
(Fox is simply an odd trainer you meet up with in a pokemon tournament that is part of the storyline of the game. He has an unusual obsession with foxes, especially fox pokemon. He is not a villain or an obstacle in stopping Team Chaos, the evil team that is ran by the evil forces and led by Roachman, he is a neutral character. He has obtained all the variety of fox pokemon and has even trained an Eevee into a Jolteon, giving him one fox like Eeveelution on his team.)

Bat- Crobat- level 50, Swoobat- level 50, Gliscor- level 50, and Noivern level 52
(Bat is the arch-nemesis of Fox, he has an unusual obsession with bats, especially bat pokemon. You also meet him in the same pokemon tournament that you fight Fox in, he was once a member of an evil organization known as Team Chaos, but decided to quit for some unknown reason. He is now a neutral character in the game just like Fox, but still has a cruel personality, just not at the extent it was when he was evil. If you manage to beat him in the tournament, he will then reveal to you about Team Chaos, a team your character in the game never finds out about until after Bat tells you about them, sense Bat is no longer a part of Team Chaos. Bat has formed a team of all the bat pokemon he could find and even trained a Gliscor, giving him a bat like, flying scorpion pokemon to add to his team.)

Hacker- Vulpix- level 2, Bronzor- level 21, and Gardevoir- level 61

Electro(1st time)- Tynamo-level 22, Clauncher-level 21, and Inkay-level 24
Electro(2nd time)- Eelektrik-level 38, Clawitzer-level 36, Sneasel-level 36, and Malamar-level 40
Electro(3rd time)- Eelektross-level 55, Clawitzer-level 53, Trevenant-level 52, Weavile-level 53, and Malamar-level 57
Electro(4th time and on)- Eelektross- level 82, Trevenant- level 80, Weavile- level 81, Clawitzer- level 81,
Malamar- level 85, and Talonflame- level 80
You fight Electro(this is not the Electro from the Spiderman series.) throughout the whole story line of the game, from humble beginnings when he first became a pokemon trainer, to the point where you fight him as the expert trainer he has become. The first three battles you fight Electro in are conflicts you face that are part of the story and are mandatory that you fight in them to get further on in the story. However, the 4th time and on, you may battle him whenever you like, at this point fighting Electro becomes a side quest, meaning no longer you would have to battle him essentially to benefit through the story of "Pokemon G". In the 4th time and on you will find Electro in various towns and locations throughout the whole map of the Geometrix, you can choose to walk up to him and battle him, or walk away like he wasn't there. But between you and me, I would choose to battle him, it gives you a great opportunity to gain experience points for your pokemon.

In your trials to stop Team Chaos, you are attacked by two hired hitmen from Team Chaos. One of them is Genesis, master of destruction through creation, using methods of energy and physic ability. The other is Techno, master of technology, using methods of high-tech machinery for evil and destruction.
Genesis and Techno Duo
Genesis- Claydol- level 75, Mewtwo- level 78, and Gallade- level 76 +
Techno- Magnezone- level 75, Genesect- level 78, and Metagross- level 76

The Glitch Triad(GT) goons are led by the dominating evil forces of the Geometrix, as a main character, you only fight Glitch Triad goons a handful of times.
GT members (Example, the first one you battle could be labeled GT goon #1, they will be labelled numerically according to the order you fight them. Just know they aren't really named numerically, just for this purpose they are labeled this way.)
(You fight GT#1-3 in the same place, and you battle GT#4-5 in the same place.)
GT Goon #1- Arbok-level 51, Houndoom-level 54, and Electivire-level 52
GT Goon #2- Accelgor-level 53, Shiftry-level 54, and Magmortar- level 56
GT Goon #3- Magneton-level 55, Pangaro-level 57, Trevenant-level 55, and Cloyster-level 54
GT Goon #4- Haunchcrow-level 81, Escaliver-level 85, Exeggutor-level 83, and Klinklang-level 83
GT Goon #5- Tentacruel-level 83, Abomasnow-84, Aegislash-84, and Tyranitar-86

After defeating the last two Glitch Triad goons nearing the end of the story mode of the game, you then battle the Glitch Triad themselves instead of their soldiers.(For only three people can make a triad, the goons that you could of mistaken as one of the three members of this triad were only their hired goons, not members of "The Glitch Triad")
(Keep in mind that the Glitch Triad is an organization of a foreign race, not humans, this can be indicated by their strange names.)
GT Member Zacuru- Luxray-level 87, Muk-level 86, Beheeyem-level 87, Mightyena- 85, and Hitmonlee-level 89
GT Member Tongana- Scolipede-level 89, Weezing-level 87, Golurk-level 89, Volcarona-level 88, and
Hitmonchan-level 91
GT Member Annosa- Ninjask-level 90, Shedinja-level 90, Bouffalant-level 89, Drapion-level 92, Hitmontop- level 94

Betrayer- Mightyena-level 93, Aggron-level 94, Luxray-level 94, Arcanine-level 93, Gengar-level 93, and
Glaceon(shiny version)- level 96

Roach Man/Anti Master Creator- Spiritomb-level 97, Tangrowth-level 95, Toxicroak-level 95, Sharpedo-level 95, Camerupt(shiny version)-level 95, Noivern-level 95, and on battle with 7 occasions, Giratina(altered form)- level 100

After you beat Roachman a first time, most of his pokemon were taken by the heroes to free them from their master who has tortured them so bad, except his first pokemon Spiritomb, who he was able to scavenge in his pocket armor when the heroes weren't looking. Having just enough room to place one pokeball stashed away with him to make it unnoticeable, he placed the poke ball with his Spiritomb in it inside his pocket, having only one pokemon left. Knowing that it would be pointless to kill him or remove his armor that is attached to his body as the character you are, you instead place him in jail for his crimes, putting him in a prison that deactivates his powers of any sorts inside the cell he is placed in. Eventually allies of his come to the rescue and break him out, giving him an opportunity to do evil once more and find replacements of the 5 pokemon that was taken from him. A while after his escape, you fight him again against his new team of pokemon.

Roach Man/Anti Master Creator(Rematch)- Spirtomb-level 100, Luxray-level 97, Gyarados(shiny version)-level 98, Houndoom-level 98, Scolipede-level 95, and Hydregion- level 99

After you beat him again, he gets really angry and rages, as soon as this happens, you notice he is transforming into his ultimate form known as Raze. Prepared for his defeat he faced a second ago, he came prepared with a knew transformation and even more pokemon!

Raze- Shadow Lugia-level 100, Giratina(origin form)-level 100, Kyurem-level 100, Deoxys-100, Darkrai-100 and Corrupted Arceus-level 100

If you beat Raze, he is now helplessly defeated and soon destroyed in Cameron's arrival for your call. You have just beaten the game after this!

The event in which you battle Cameron is an event that is only accessible after you beat the story mode of "Pokemon G", in other words, you can't battle him until you defeat Raze.
Luminance/Cameron- Cloyster-level 100, Espeon-level 100, Shiftry-level 100, Talonflame-level 100, Hydregion-level 100, Rhyperior-level 100, and on battle with 7 occasions, Arceus(shiny version)-level 100

Luminance/Cameron(Legend based team)- Ho-Oh-level 100, Mew-level 100, Zygarde-level 100, Lugia-level 100, Kyurem-level 100, and Arceus(shiny version)- level 100

The Republic of Firestorm 98