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KDF Waarden Class [CGE]

This is the design of Knootoss released for export in Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, linearted by The freethinkers

KDF Machiavelli of the Knootian Home Fleet (click the image above to see the high resolution version)

The Waarden-class Air Defence Cruiser is a naval class of ship in the service of the Marine (Navy) of the Knootian Defence Force. Envisaged as an advanced area-defence platform, the class is possibly the most advanced warship ever built by Knootoss. She was originally envisaged as a destroyer, but the design was redesigned as a cruiser when the new concept of Naval Battle Groups was approved by the Marine. Two ships of its class sail with every battle group, complementing the air defences of individual ships.

The Dutch word 'Waarden' refers to values, in the context of ethics. (A concept roughly analogous to virtues.) The first seven ships of the class have been named after the seven heavenly virtues. More recent vessels have been named after philosophers and theologians. Prominent ships of the class are the KDF Prudentia, KDF Iustitia, KDF Temperantia, KDF Fortitudo, KDF Fides, KDF Spes, KDF Caritas, KDF Socrates and KDF Machiavelli.

The Waarden class features an entirely new hull design, with enhanced stealth, and features intended to deceive any opponent's radar and acoustic sensors. Four single phased array radars automatically detect and track air contacts, while a long-range 3D radar system is capable of detecting even stealth aircraft and missiles. The phased array panels and the 3D search system are both capable of compensating for each other in the event of damage or failure. A low emission navigation radar is also included.

The fire control system combines all incoming data to provide both range of detection and accurate targeting. Its CAESAR integration is designed to defeat attacking missiles by providing quick-reacting firepower and jamming resistance against any aerial threat expected to be faced by a Knootian Battle Group. The system can control friendly aircraft as well as providing simultaneous surveillance, target-detection and target-tracking in a hemisphere over and around the ship. Secure CAESAR data-links allow the class to utilise the sensors and weapons of other escorts to further increase its effective combat radius. This is especially apparent when multiple Waarden class vessels are linked, rending hundreds of square miles of ocean and neighbouring coastal areas into no-go areas for enemy air operations.

The combat systems of the Waarden class provide the class with the ability to project a protective 'bubble' around whatever area they’re working in, detecting and shooting down hostile aircraft or missiles. Its mass of VLS launchers are designed primarily to deal with saturation air and missile attacks, utilising a mass of surface-to-air missiles hardened for heavy ECM environments.

They can be also be loaded with a variety of missiles designed to engage targets above, on and below the surface. Two powerful 80MW ZMI MASER systems complement the missiles with accurate, long range LOS energy weapons. They are primarily used for anti-strategic missile work, but can be deployed against other air and surface targets. For self defence, quad SSM tubes, a standard 127mm naval gun and 8 individual 6mm CIWS mounts were installed. A helicopter hangar for two light helicopters, landing pad and drone launching rail were also added.

Technical data



215.3 m


27.8 m


10.1 m


23,100 t


220 officers and crewmen


1x OTO Melara 127mm/52 D/P Gun
2x 80MW ZMI MASER systems
12x 64-Cell Full Length Mk.41 VLS (768 missiles)
2x Quad Launchers for Boeing 'Harpoon' Block II SSM
8x 6mm ZMI CIWS
4x B/I 20mm Cannons
2x Triple Eurotorp 324mm SD Torpedo Tubes


Thales APAR II air/surface search, tracking and guidance radar (I band)
Thales SMART-L 3D air/surface search
Thales Nederland Scout (Low Probability of Intercept)surface search/navigation
Thales PHS-36 Hull-mounted Active Search


Thales SEWACO XIII combat management system with "AIR DEFENCE" module addition, Secure CEASER 2.0 Link


Falltech/Thales ELINT Suite
Falltech Mk605 ECM Suite (CAESAR enhanced)
1x AN/SLQ-25A 'Nixie' Towed Decoy, Six
6x 16-Cell Decoy Launchers (Flares/Chaff)


4x 40 MW Thompson (FDI) R-12Q PWRs, dampened assembly, powering four electric transmission Azimuth propellor pods.

Flank speed

35 knots

Cruise speed

16 knots


Limited by crew endurance only


75mm hardened steel for all vital areas, hardened shock resistant bulkheads, dual spaced 50mm hardened steel panels for control area citadel. Full NBC protection.

The Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss