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Charlotte van Bleiswijk

Knootians in Profile: Charlotte van Bleiswijk.

Nobless oblige isn't usually seen as a Knootian tradition. The Republic doesn't do royalty and its former nobles were usually of the merchant class, having bought their titles before they became symbolic wastes of coin. Nevertheless, there are still old patrician families who can trace back their lineage through the rolls that list Provincial Pensionaries, Members of the Estates General, East India Company Shareholders and rural landholders in the old Republic. Charlotte van Bleiswijk hails from such a family, and she tries to meet the obligations that are expected of having such a name.

While the vast wealth that was once held by the van Bleiswijkers didn't survive the upheavals of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, their commitment to public service was maintained in a system where merit matters more than money. Even today, Bleiswijkers continue to be sought-after as judges, administrators and members of company boards.

Charlotte's Curriculum Vitae reflects her heritage, showing how she steadily worked upwards through Knootoss' most venerable educational institutions and into generalist positions of public administration. She served in various public-private institutions as an advocate for and manager of welfare reform and is one of the many voices behind the gradual privatisation of public insurance, whilst remaining a strong advocate for equitable outcomes. After moving from a post in the administration of welfare to a senior partnership in a policy consulting firm she was slated to be the SLP's candidate for Minister of Economic Affairs on several occasions. Having been passed over several times, she was appointed by Grand Pensionary Jan Willem Daatman to the position of Ambassador-Observer to the International Freedom Coalition (IFC). Since then she has continued to serve as ambassador-at-large.

Little is known about her personal life, as she remains very much a private person. While writing this profile we have learned that she goes by the nickname 'Charlie' among friends. Rumours have been circulated on a popular right-wing blog implying that she is a lesbian, but the fact that she is married to a man who remains away from the public eye seems to bely that notion. While her demeanour vascillates narrowly between polite friendliness and and mild sarcasm, she always remains reserved about her personal and professional motivations. She doesn't disclose anything that she is not bound by law to disclose and values discretion in her personal dealings.

In this vein, her personal politics remain opaque, aside from her past advocacy for particular issues that concerned the organisations that she represented. She is defined by her relationship with persons rather than her stand on particular policies, and within her centrist Social-Liberal Party she is thought to be a member of the 'Daatman' faction, which stands in opposition to the faction that has attached itself to Prime Minister Maurits Viljoen. More an able executive than a woman of the people, she is thought to be appalled by the shameless populism that the Viljoen faction has reintroduced to her party and the country at large. Nevertheless, she has not been heard saying anything unkind about anyone in politics. It may be for the best, as her current position as a diplomat somewhat vulnerable. It is possible that she may yet opt to serve her country via the political route that she has thus far shunned.

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