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Pokemon G, "The Pokemon's Side of the Story"

In a far away universe from most every known universe in the Geometrix, there is a planet that consists of only pokemon, with no assistance or presence of human beings. On this planet, the pokemon kind in general has evolved, and are highly intelligent, doing many task that humans never thought they could accomplish. But to tell you all this would be too much to take in, so let us start out simply through the eyes of one pokemon, a Vulpix known as Sabiris. In his life, he will encounter many pokemon who will become his friends, and some who will oppose him.

-Sabiris: A very adventurous Vulpix who is destined to accomplish great things in this world. His circle of friends are Psy, Burn, Magma, and Needles. Also later on, Moonlight is added to that list.

-Iris: A Ninetails who has gave birth to Sabiris, she is notorious for her kind nature.

-Psy: A shiny, female Espeon, who is about Sabiris's age. Also she is his best friend and has been the center of his attention throughout his life.

-Shinie: Sabiris's younger sister, she is eleven years younger than Sabiris. And yes she is a shiny Vulpix, and also she was born blind.

-Burn: A very alert Flareon who has later friended Sabiris. He is a shy little fellow who likes an Absol named Magma.

-Needles: The humorous and mischievous Mangneton who is always making people laugh. He also became a friend of Sabiris.

-Magma: The very reserved and quiet Absol. She was raised to keep to herself and to trust no one.

-Axis: Sabiris's bully, he is an Absol who had a rough life and has taken his anger out on many people, especially Sabiris and Shinie.

-Shadow: The ruthless brute and leader of the shadow pokemon known as Shadow, an Umbreon. He will stop at nothing or no one to make sure the pokemon village is his, and his alone.

-Moonlight: The abused daughter of Shadow who was born just so she could continue her father's empire when he passes away. Unfortunately for him, she didn't want to and ran off after so much torture to force her. She is a young Umbreon around Sabiris's age, but she has a lot of fight in her.

-Cloak and Dagger: Two bounty hunters Shadow hired to assassinate Sabiris for his rebellion against the shadow pokemon. Cloak is a Zoroark, and is the brains behind this deadly duo of bounty hunters, he is a sly, self centered character who is always wearing a dark cloak over him. Cloak has earned his name for his slik and sneaky nature, when on a mission, he usually formulates their plan of action in their assignment. Dagger is a Toxicroak, and of the duo, he is known to do more damage physically, he does the honor of killing their assigned target usually. As you may of guessed, he is called dagger because of the spikes on the ends of his hands that will poison its victims and kill them in a matter of seconds. He is a brutal, heartless beast who will do anything for more cash in his pockets.

-Shell-Factor: A courageous hearted Samurott who is one of the founding fathers of the village Sabiris lives in. He is a retired veteran of the village's military, and he goes by his code name given to him in the military; "Shell-Factor". He is extremely wise, he will die any time, any place for any villager, and people question if he is perhaps a perfect pokemon because of his successful character in every way.

-Glade: A female Samurott who happens to be the daughter of Shell-Factor. She has a medical illness that causes her to keep eating spicy food and to constantly have gas all the time. Because of this, she must stay at home away from public with nobody to tend to her until recently, sense her Mother died long ago and her Father just didn't come around to her for a long time due to her gas issues.

-Sichic: Once a female Creator of the Geometrix, but now through an unfortunate incident, she was transfigured into a Mew. She was almost killed by Shadow, and she tends to live in a cave near the Pokemon Village.

-Glacie: Unfortunately not much data could be recovered about Glaicie, but she was once Axis's girlfriend but broke up with him after he hurt her some how. She is a female Glaceon, and is a very compassionate pokemon, which explains why at one time she was able to go out with Axis comfortably.

-Darkness: A Darkrai that was killed a long, long time ago who has been a deadly threat for those who were unfortunate enough to live during its time. Reports have come in however that some pokemon still see it in their sleep, but only for a split second, and they wake up immediately after they see Darkness, instead of being trapped in a never ending sleep like they usually would of been.

-Mystic: The original founder of the pokemon village, also a very wise Xerneas who has a huge history beyond the village. He is extremly genourous and has invited the unfortuanate pokemon into the village to be sheltered and cared for, they make up the population.

-Slash: The courageous ruler of a neighboring village to that of the main village(the one Sabiris lives in) in the plot of the story. He is a Haxorus who leads a tribe of Axew and Fraxure as compassionate allies of the main village to act as trading partners and aid as protection during war.

-Havoc: An evil tyrant that has been corrupted by the desire for power. He is a Hydreigon and leads a tribe of Dieno and Zweilous, his arch nemesis is Slash the Haxorus.

-Twerk: A Vaporeon born without a tail, and because of this disability, he started getting used to his butt being exposed. Growing up with that disorder, he started to like showing off his butt, and he often annoys people by trying to show it off too much. For this reason, he has been given the name "Twerk" as his own.

-Dopey: A very weak and sickly Fennekin, born with mental depression and a constant need for sleep.

-Calyspo: A very beautiful and young Milotic who lives in the heart of the pond Sabiris and his friends always hang out at. Despite being a very gorgeous and attractive young adult, once people look into her personality, they flea because she is born with a mutation in her brain which allows her to see through both the past and future, but other pokemon simply take it as insanity. She often prophesied of the dreadful future in which looms right over the pokemon village, no matter how disturbing or uncalled for it sounded.

-Spark: A female Shinx that is just around Shinie's age. Spark enjoys playing with static electricity as often as possible through means of rubbing her electric fur against carpet or other items that give off static. She is always so full of happiness and enthusiasm, it lights up almost everybody around her. But what people question is if she acts this way because of her personality, or just out of innocence and ignorance over the truth of her life.

-Mute: A mysterious and very awkward Girafarig. Not much is known about him, except the fact that he is born without the ability to speak, hence earning him the name "Mute". During the few times where he is seen, he always has this gazed and hypnotic look to him that is challenging to decipher, perhaps this may explain his awkward behavior of doing many secretive tasks seeming to have no rhyme or reason?

-Blitz: The father of Spark who abandoned not only her, but his own wife in loyalty to the shadow alliance he has secretly partaken in. He is a coldhearted Luxray with a dark sense of humor, he is second in command of the shadow pokemon with Shadow, his best friend since he was a child, as the only pokemon over him in rank of their dark alliance.

-The Rhino Trio: As many of you already know, there are three different kinds of rhino pokemon not including their multiple evolutions. So with that in mind, this trio consists of all three of them as a gang of heavy hitting bruisers made up of a Rhyperior, Nidoking, and Nidoqueen.

--Quake: Though the trio runs itself as a team of mutual control, officially Quake the Rhyperior is the leader of the trio. Hardened by bitter experiences in the past and loss of family, his heart and spirit is rock solid, almost nothing can shaken it. However, it has caused him the burden of becoming extremely stubborn and hesitant to compromise with being part of the pokemon village.

--Thrash: Thrash the Nidoking is short tempered and brave. His will is very strong and fears practically nothing, however, he often doesn't think before he acts, getting him into trouble because of his reckless nature. He is also dating Roxy, the Nidoqueen of the trio.

--Roxy: Roxy the Nidoqueen has a very diverse nature, she is like a nurturing mother oozing with compassion around her allies, but rough as a landslide to those who theaten the wellbeing of herself and her gang. With such a rapid transition, often she can be moody. Both Thrash and Roxy are madly in love with each other, but remain as only boy friend and girl friend because they haven't settled down to a place where they can marry eachother sense the gang is constantly on the go as they live like nomads

-Lazer: Lazer is a shiny Genesect that Shadow found deactivated and battered in the middle of a pile of steel shards in an abandoned ruins. Shadow took it back to the Shadow tribe and programed it to do his bidding. In the battle against the Shadow Tribe, Sabiris and his friends must get through this high-tech menace in order to reach Shadow. They battle it inside Shadow's Fortress in a chamber known as "The Iron Hive", a chamber deep inside the fortress containing that of the most advanced technology on the planet, if not the only place on the planet with technology.

-Hypnotic: A very mischievous and deceitful Malamar. Deep in the depths of Shadow's Fortress, he waits for Sabiris and his friends in "The Chamber of Illusions" so that he can put an end to their wrath and help Shadow in his uprise. "The Chamber of Illusions" is under Hypnotic's full control as he warps the chamber into a maze designed for those who trespass in it to be destroyed.

-Dusk: A brutal and wicked Houndoom who underwent a mutation where he is permanently mega evolved, without the aid of a mega stone or mega ring. Sabiris and his friends must battle him in the "The Lair of Fire" in order to reach Shadow. The heroes must be extra careful this time, or they will melt in the walls of lava that drain out from the ceiling of this chamber, while trying to defeat Dusk. Also, they must be ready to dodge as Dusk is assisted by two Magmortar guardians who will burn you where you stand if your not careful. By reaching the Lair of Fire, you know that now you are getting close to Shadow, for wherever you see Dusk, Shadow shouldn't be far.

-Dawn: Indicating from her name, she is Dusk's opposite and arch nemesis. Just like Dusk, she is naturally mega evolved without the use of any tools or items, except that she is a mega evolved Absol instead of a mega evolved Houndoom. She is extremely polite, compassionate, and beautiful, all traits that Dusk most certainly doesn't have. However, she is also brave, and willingly joined Sabiris alongside his friends to defeat Shadow.

-Gloss: Barely anybody on the entire planet knows the origins of Gloss, but they do know that she didn't come from their planet. Apparently, she is a Glaceon with a mutation in her appearance, a mutation so different, that its beyond that of a shiny pokemon. Instead of the typical shiny Glaceon look, Gloss pulses a dazzling diversity of silver, white, and blue light, with a gold aroma around her. Iris was the first to find her, and adopted her because she felt bad for Gloss, giving Sabiris three adopted sisters consisting of Gloss, along with Shinie and Moonlight. Besides the family who adopted her, most people shunned her and ridiculed her for her "unusual appearance" making her the town cast-away. However, it was prophesied that one day she would save the pokemon kind and be "the star" of her world.

-Whisper: The Mother of Moonlight, who died before Moonlight ever got to know her. Though she has died, her spirit lives on into a ghost-like Umbreon that can only be seen by other ghost typed Pokemon. She cannot talk because her tounge was cut out by Shadow before she was hunged by him, hense giving her the name "Whisper". Her destiny ever since her death was to find her daughter and to protect her.

Dash: A highly disciplined and well trained Glaceon who was raised to be some kind of ninja of some sort. She is four years older than Sabiris, which means she is nineteen years old. Until recently, her master has hid her from the outside world (such as the village), during this time, she lived in the isolation of her house located beneath the village due to her strict master.

-Stealth: A Ninjask that lives with Dash and her master. Technically, Stealth is also an apprentice of the same Pokemon that has trained Dash, but Stealth has been around for much longer and experienced so much more than Dash, that often times his only duty is to help his master train Dash. When in combat, Stealth strikes with such great speed and accuracy that he appears to be invisible in battle.

Bug Shroud: A ancient and extremely knowledgeable Shedinja who serves as both Stealth's master and Dash's master. However, having trained Stealth long long ago, both Stealth and Bug Shroud act as her masters, Stealth being more of "the good cop" and Bug Shroud acting as "the bad cop" of the authority within their hideout. Bug Shroud comes off a little harsh sometimes because he was born with no emotions, leaving Stealth having to be the one to make sure Dash gets enough free time, sleep, food, etc.