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Pokemon G: The origin of Moonlight

There was once an evil, heartless shiny umbreon named shadow who wanted to completely destroy the Pokemon village and make it his own. But fortunatly for all the residents of the village, Shadow was afraid that if he were to die, he would not have a successor. So he did a horrible thing to another umbreon, a female one. Since she would not willingly mate with him, he ended up having to rape her to get an egg from her. The female umbreon ended up having two eggs, and Shadow was not happy about this, so while she wasn't looking, he smashed one of the eggs, killing the unborn eevee. When the female found out she was heartbroken, but Shadow did not care about her emotions. Shortly after this, Shadow had the female hanged in a nearby tree outside his base.

Later that week, the other egg hatched, revealing a newborn female eevee. At first Shadow wanted to kill her, because he didn't want a daughter. But he already had plans for her, and he may never get another egg. Shadow named her Moonlight, because he planned on her becoming a umbreon in the future. Hovever, the cute newborn had no idea how much pain was in her future.

Growing up, Moonlight was very interested in how beautiful a glaceon's presentation was, so she made it her plan in the future to become one, but she didn't know that Shadow had other plans for her. When she reached level 13, her dad took her outside at night during a full moon, and she had no choice but to evolve into an umbreon.

The next few days of Moonlight's life were spent in her room crying about being forced to become an umbreon. As you probably already know, Shadow didn't care about his daughter's emotions. He reminded her that she was only created to serve him, and that he didn't care about her needs or wants.

Every time Moonlight did even the slightest thing wrong, she would have to feel the shredding pain of Shadows's long claws running down her back. She couldn't get through one day without almost bleeding out.

So one day, Moonlight did the only sensible thing that she could do to get away from Shadow without fighting......... She ran away.
She ran and ran, it seemed to her like her legs wouldn't stop.

Her legs finally gave up on her, and she collapsed on the doorstep of a house in the Pokemon village, and as tired and starved as she was, somehow managed to fall asleep. When she awoke, she was in a bed, apparently inside the house. Moonlight felt extremely scared, because she had been isolated in her house her whole life, and she didn't know about anything outside her household. Moonlight walked around the house cautiously, since she really can't trust other pokemon well. Turns out that the owner of the house was a beautiful ninetales, and she had brought Moonlight into her house to look after her. Moonlight and the ninetales had some conversations about Shadow. The ninetales told Moonlight that Shadow was a terrible pokemon, and that she hated him.

Now Moonlight was certain that she couldn't tell the ninetales that she just happened to be Shadow's daughter. Moonlight figured that if she kept that a secret, she would be ok.

That night, the ninetales decided that she should work on the "starving" part of Moonlight's appearance. At the table, Moonlight felt like a queen.

That night, while Moonlight was sleeping, her sleep was interuppted my something jumping on to her bed. She looked to see what it was, and turns out that it was a female shiny vulpix. The vulpix was staring right at her, but it didn't seem to see her. Moonlight felt a little creeped out by this young vulpix, who probably didn't even know how to talk yet. She looked back at the vulpix and began to speak, but she realized that the vulpix's eyes were closed and she was sleeping. Moonlight shrugged and went back to sleep.

In the morning, Moonlight met another vulpix, this was was a lot bigger than the shiny one, and probably a lot older. Moonlight couldn't get the nerves to talk to him, so she just sat down in front of him and started eating her breakfast. The male vulpix looked at her with a puzzling expression. No doubt he was wondering why there was an umbreon in his house. Moonlight got up from the table, the vulpix's eyes following her. She asked the ninetales if she could know everyone's names. The ninetales told Moonlight that her name was Iris, the shiny vulpix was simply named Shinie, and the other vulpix's name was Sabiris. Now that she knew their names, Moonlight didn't feel so scared about talking to the vulpixes. Moonlight went to her room and sat down in the middle of it. She looked in the mirror and saw the deep claw marks on her back. They reminded her of the horrible things her dad did to her, and how good it felt to be finally rid of his torture.

Moonlight tried her best to hid the inch-deep cuts from Iris, but the ninetales suspected something was wrong, and she got a litte worried about Moonlight. Finally, Iris asked Moonlight what she was hiding, and Moonlight revealed the gashes to Iris. In response to Iris's question, Moonlight told Iris that she was hiding her past.

Moonlight slowly started to get stronger over time, and she began to learn how to control her dark type abilities. Due to the strength that she inherited from her dad, she could easily fight almost any pokemon and win. She became a force to be reckoned with, and she began using this strength to protect her friends and family. However, Moonlight noticed that she often got mad at other pokemon for no reason. Iris explained to her that it was only because of her being a dark type that she got so angry, and that she could learn to control her anger.

When Shadow found out what happened to Moonlight, he could care less about her, after all, he always viewed her as more of a pest than a daughter. Shadow pretended that he never met Moonlight.

When Moonlight regained some of her trust towards other pokemon, she decided that she should go outside her home, which was a big step for her. As she walked around, exploring her surroundings, she tried to avoid eye contact with other pokemon, until one pokemon really got her attention. Moonlight was walking around a park-like area when she noticed a glaceon laying on the grass crying. At first she was a little nervous, but she gained enough courage to talk to the glaceon. Moonlight walked over to the crying glaceon and asked her why she was crying. The glaceon replied with a story that made Moonlight cry herself. The glaceon told moonlight that she was just forced to watch her mother die. Moonlight asked to know more about what happened. The glaceon told her that an umbreon named Shadow had pinned her mother down, and then he literally skinned her alive, and the worse part was that he ATE the flesh off her skinned body. Moonlight could see that even telling the story was too much for the poor glaceon to handle. Moonlight took the glaceon back to her house, where she asked Iris and the vulpixes for help.

Iris could clearly see the glaceon was in pain, but there was really nothing that she could do about her.

The Unknown Location of Zero Gravity Zone