by Max Barry

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Geometric undifined

Billions of years ago, there lived an ancient quadropeded destroyer named Vortex. Vortex's abilities were only matched by the powers of the ancient creator Luminance. Vortex represented hate, rage and darkness, and Luminance represented truth, heroism, and light. However, Vortex was defeated by Luminance, and his geometrix was lost......

But that is not where his story ends......


He woke up in a cloning tank, unaware of his surroundings. "Greetings, subject 1." A strange voice said inside his head. "Welcome back to reality. My name is Oblivion, and i will be instructing you through a series of tests that will help you remember who you really are. Let us begin."

The cloning tank emptied itself and the man fell to the floor. He got up and walked over to the mirror. He was wearing a white clone suit with a black "V" on the shoulder pad. A large armored door opens nearby, and the man walks over to it and almost falls off a cliff. "This first test will test your ability of flight. If you fail, it will be the end of you." Oblivion says.

The man backs up, runs full speed at the door and jumps off the cliff, and falls off. Then, suddenly his whole body is engulfed in black energy, and apparently he didn't even fly, he teleported to the exit. "Well, that works too...." Oblivion says. The door closes behind the man, and another door opens at the end of the hallway. "This next test will test your fighting skills. Try not to die." Oblivion says, with a laugh. The man walks through the door, which closes behind him. The room is completely empty, except for a tube in the celing, and the exit on the other side. The man walks forward and steps on a hidden panel, which opens the tube in the celing. An 8-foot tall drone comes out of the tube, weapons armed. "TARGET LOCKED." The drone says as it aims its weapons at the man.