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Regional Anti-Zombie Strategy

1.If the game gives you ‘cure missiles’ then use them: if it only gives you ‘zombie extermination teams’ (or whatever they’re calling those now) then you could use them to help reduce the spread, but that would also reduce the number of potentially-curable survivors so is probably best saved for nations that need really urgent action to prevent total collapse (or for your own puppets, if that’s how you want to play it, of course…).

2. If the game gives you ‘zombie hordes’ to “export” to the rest of the region then please do not use these: Any nation seen deliberately spreading the plague could be subject to expulsion if & when anybody with Founder access — or the Delegate, if Scion can spare enough Influence for this — finds out, and although they’d be allowed to return once the crisis is passed they could be put on trial (with the possibility of being banned from the region, if found guilty) afterwards.
Any nations that are seen deliberately spreading the plague, and that do not cease doing so when asked, are legitimate targets for ‘zombie elimination squads’.

3. During the last two outbreaks I was involved (through my puppet there) in the defensive efforts of Texas, which were well-organised and highly successful. We don’t have enough time left to organise their level of coordination, and might also have fewer players active to help than they do, but some of their tactics might be useful. I suggest that _
A/ When you come online during the outbreak, and once you are able to start launching cure missiles, announce these facts in the RMB.
B/ Do not target nations that have said they themselves are launching missiles, unless they post again specifically to request this help, because doing so would block them [temporarily] from continuing to launch.
C/ Multiple nations targeting their curative efforts at a single nation isn’t actually a problem, unless it means that weaker countries are left to be destroyed at that time: In fact, if the nation being targeted is one that itself is very useful to the curative efforts & research, concentrating on it for long enough to make a significant difference might actually be a good idea.
D/ If you see a nation that’s very close to collapse, post that fact in the RMB. If you join the effort to save a nation about which somebody else has made such a post then you could say so, if you have time, so that we don’t get too many people concentrating on the effort to save that one at the expense of others that might also be endangered.
E/ If you see a nation that’s actually spreading the plague, post that fact in the RMB – and if they haven’t been involved in our discussion so far then send them a TG asking them to stop, and point them to this post’s explanation of regional policy.
F/ If you see that a nation has been completely cleared, post that fact in the RMB… and copy-&-paste any existing list of already-cleared nations into those posts, too, so that we can see more easily where help is still needed.
G/ However, check “cleared” nations now & then, especially after the game updates, in case the problem has resurfaced there.
H/ When you have to drop out of the campaign, post that fact in the RMB so that other people don’t count on further help that isn’t coming…
I/ Large nations are more effective at curing zombies in other large nations than smaller nations are, and large nations targeting smaller ones (or ones with only a few zombies left) may find their efforts having relatively small effects, so if there are enough people helping then it might be a good idea to concentrate on nations of about your own size first unless somebody else is calling desperately for help. Remember, though, that small nations might be at greater risk of quick collapse, and should require less clearing than larger ones, so if they’re willing to help in the campaign once cleared then giving them priority might be useful.

(There was also a possibly-useful dispatch posted in TNP:

What's happening?

As you may have noticed, some odd creatures have started making their appearance around residents of our peaceful region. They are not tourists. They are not aliens. They are not even new, technically speaking. They are our friends and family, who have been turned into zombies. That's right: there is a zombie pandemic!

That sounds serious, and I'm scared! What do I do?

Have no fear! We have been forewarned of this development and have prepared for it. We know there is a cure - or at least that we can research one. And the government of The North Pacific will dedicate all its resources towards finding it.

We will be using this dispatch to post the details of our plan and instructions for all of our nations. Be sure to check our Updates dispatch frequently, as we will be adding stuff as things progress. To make it easier to keep track of changes, we will listing updates in reverse chronological order

That's promising! What do I do first?

The very first thing you should do is start researching a cure. Here is how to do this:

  • Go to your nation's zombie controls.

  • Select Research cure (option #2).

  • Do so as soon as possible!

I also have these cure missiles. Whom do I shoot?

At your nation's zombie controls, you will see from time to time that you have cure missiles available. You can launch them at some other nation by going to that nation's page and selecting the "Cure Missile" button at the bottom.

You should use your missiles to try to cure other nations of the same size as you who are also researching a cure. But you should also make sure not to target nations actively using their own missiles, as doing so prevents them from launching any further missiles!

Squad Leaders will be coordinating targets for nations on their team, so please find your squad leader and contact them for who to target first! However, if you'd rather work independently, here is how to quickly find suitable targets for your missiles:

  • Go to our LinkZombie Observation Post.

  • Start checking nations on the list from top to bottom.

  • If a nation is not actively launching missiles, launch your missile towards them. Otherwise, move to a nation lower on the list.

  • Remember, the closer your population of survivors is to their population of zombies, the more effective your missiles will be.

I hate these zombies. Shouldn't I be killing them?

You should not select the option to exterminate the zombies. Doing so takes away resources from researching a cure, and therefore considerably delays when one will be available. Furthermore, zombies increase at a much faster rate than you can exterminate them.

There is only one feasible option: Research a cure!

I went with extermination anyway, and now I'm getting these Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads. What do I do?

If you chose to exterminate zombies instead of researching a cure, you can still help us keep the region safe. You can do these using the Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads that will become available at your nation's zombie controls. You can launch them at some other nation by going to that nation's page and selecting the squad button at the bottom.

You should use your squads against nations exporting zombies, and again, we have teams set up to organize targets for you to find, so the best way to help is to find your squad leader and get in contact with them. However, here is how to independently find suitable targets for your squads:

  • Go to our LinkZombie Observation Post - export tab.

  • Start using your squads against the nations on the list, from top to bottom.

  • If the nation is actively launching missiles against other exporters, they are trying to help so do not hit them.

  • If the nation is actively launching missiles against curing or exterminating nations, target them as a priority.

  • As with cure missiles, the closer your population of survivors is to their population of zombies, the more effective your missiles will be.

I want to do more to help!

We are currently coordinating our response from our Linkregional IRC channel. You are welcome to join us, and join the fun! Also, please apply to become a squad leader by filling out Linkthis form!

~Sponsored by TNP for a cure~

Read dispatch


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