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St Abbaddon Regional Government

The Native Republic of St Abbaddon

The Native Republic of St Abbaddon will be the governing body of the region. All decisions or statements on behalf of the region shall be made through the process of the Native Republic. The Native Republic gets its legitimacy from the Charter of St Abbaddon.

The Executive
Delegate: Topid

The Delegate of the Native Republic is the chief executive and head of state of St Abbaddon, and also serves as a voting member of the Council. The Delegate shall be responsible for diplomatic affairs, regional events and culture, military affairs, and the enforcement and execution of regional law, subject to limits by Council votes.

The delegate has sole authority over security and endorsement policy, and is tasked with seeing that the Charter is not violated. As WA Delegate, he is also in control of WA voting policy.

The Council of St Abbaddon
Elders: Vacant
Delegate: Topid
(Opening of Council TBD, see message board post)

The Council is the legislative body, and most powerful branch of government. Elders are elected to three month terms two at a time on a revolving basis, each having one vote in the Council. The Council may create any laws that do not violate the Charter of St Abbaddon by a majority vote.

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