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The House of Subaai

The House of Subaai (Arabic: آل صبيح, translit. ʾĀl Subʿēh) is the ruling royal family of the United Emirates of Diadochi. It is composed of the descendants of Thani bin Subaai (1729-1778), the founder of the Emirate of Dammam (1759-1953), although only the descendants of Rashid bin Khalifa (1876-1949) are given the honorific of HH. Descendants of Ahmed bin Rashid are the only individuals designated HRH. The family is estimated to comprise 6,000 members, but the majority of wealth and prestige is limited to a group of about 800, the heirs of Khalifa bin Mohammed.

- Sheikh Thani bin Subaai (Hakim of Dammam, 1729-1778)
- Emir Khalifa bin Thani (Emir of Dammam, 1758-1809)
- Emir Sultan bin Khalifa (Emir of Dammam, 1776-1831)
- Sheikh Rashid bin Sultan (Hakim of Dammam, 1798-1866)
- Sheikh Khalid bin Rashid (Hakim of Dammam, 1816-1869)
- Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid (Hakim of Dammam, 1838-1890)
- Emir Khalifa bin Mohammed (Emir of Dammam, 1857-1904)
- Emir Rashid bin Khalifa (Emir of Dammam, 1876-1949)
- King Ahmed bin Rashid Al Subaai, (First King of Dammam, 1928-2009)

Descent from Ahmed Bin Rashid

    - King Sultan bin Ahmed Al Subaai, King and Prime Minister (b. 1958)
      - Sheikh Rashid bin Sultan Al Subaai, Deputy Foreign Minister (b. 1981)
      - Sheikh Ahmed bin Sultan Al Subaai, Emir of Abu Dhabi (b. 1986)
      - Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Subaai, (b. 1988)

    - Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed Al Subaai, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Interior Minister (b. 1966)

      - Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Subaai, Emir of Ha’il (b. 1989)
      - Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Subaai, (b. 1991)

    - Sheikh Thani bin Ahmed Al Subaai, Foreign Minister (Brother to the Ruler), (b. 1968)

Descent from Rashid Bin Khalifa

    - Sheikh Khalid bin Rashid Al Subaai, Emir of Dammam, (b. 1929)
      - Sheikh Khalifa bin Khalid Al Subaai, Defense Minister, (b. 1958)
      - Sheikh Saeed bin Khalid Al Subaai, Emir of Jizan, (b. 1960)

    - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Subaai, Emir of Riyadh, (b. 1932)

      - Sheikh Thani bin Mohammed Al Subaai, (b. 1961)
      - Colonel Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Subaai, Commander of DAF Royal Guard, (b. 1965)

    - Sheikh Saud bin Rashid Al Subaai, Emir of Medina, (1935-2019)

      - Sheikh Rashid bin Saud Al Subaai, Emir of Medina, (b. 1963)
      - Lieutenant General Sheikh Humaid bin Saud Al Subaai, Chief of the State Police Force, (b. 1965)
      - Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Subaai, Minister of Education, (b. 1970)

    - Sheikh Salman bin Rashid Al Subaai, Emir of Kuwait, (b. 1940)

      - Sheikh Khalid bin Salman Al Subaai, CEO of Hadid (Largest Emirati Arms Manufacturer), (b. 1974)
      - Sheikh Thani bin Salman Al Subaai, Chairman of Al Waliyah News Agency (b. 1978)

    - Sheikh Essa bin Rashid Al Subaai, Emir of Dubai, (b. 1943)

      - Sheikh Rashid bin Essa Al Subaai, Deputy Interior Minister, (b. 1969)