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The unforseen darkness

The time is 1:00 pm on the planet earth. The creators are finally getting a break from the fighting. "Well Chris, it looks as if we finally got rid of all the evil in the geometrix, and it's the perfect sunny-all-day kind of weather to just relax!" Iridium says, a bit too excitedly. "Yeah but how long until something happens?" Chris says. "Don't worry, Chris. The geometrix is safe, nothing bad is gonna...." The high tech moniter was apparently just turned on, and some kind of news broadcast came on. "Greetings, this is Lux, right here in New York city, where everything appears to be plunged into pure darkness." The female solarian said, or it appeared to be a solarian, it was hard to tell because it was so dark. "That's strange, the forcast today was supposed to be extremlely sunny." Chris says, looking out the window, noticing that it is still very bright outside. "The weird thing is, the darkness appears to be only in the city, everywhere outside it is pure bright." The reporter continued. Luminance bursts into the room. "Its a villian! There's a villian in that city!" He yells, just as it turns dark outside. Luminance runs outside to see a pure black figure holding a gun standing in the distance. "Who are you!?" Luminance yells. The figure walks closer, and the darkness expells itself, revealing the figure, who is wearing the same armor as Luminance, only it is gray and red instead of blue and gold. "Who are you!?" Luminace repeats. The figure takes a long rod off his back and thrusts it right through Luminance"s chest. The rod then caused an explosion inside Luminance. The figure tears the rod out of him and walks away.

To be continued in part 2