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The unforseen darkness part 2

The figure stops and turns around, revealing his dual pistols. He aims one of the guns at Luminance. "Wh-who are you?" Luminance says, very weakly. "How can you not remember me, Luminance?" The figure says.
"What are you talking about...?" Luminance responds. "We have been through so much together... and you don't remember me?" The figure says, getting enraged. "I..... Shall be your destroyer, and i will destroy you, just as i destroyed Oblivion." Just as the figure is about to pull the trigger, a golden blast of energy hits him. He holsters the gun and takes the rod off his back. He turns toward the source of the attack, which happens to be Iridium. "Hey, leave Luminance alone!" Iridium yells. The figure throws the rod like a spear, which pummels through Iridium with a series of explosions. The figure walks over to Iridium and rips the rod out of him, then proceeds to slice off Iridium's head. "Worthless trash." The figure says as he walks back over to Luminance. "Why.....why are you doing this?" Luminance says. "Revenge, sweet revenge, Luminance." The figure says. "Revenge for what!?" Luminance asks. "You left me there, on that desolate planet to die, but guess what? IM BACK." The figure says as he stabs Luminance with the rod. "Oh, and by the way, the name's LightBreak." The figure walks away, surrounded by darkness.

To be continued in part 3

The Unknown Location of Zero Gravity Zone