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Tourism: Canons of Ko-oren

Ko-oren is obsessed with canonising its natural beauty and other landmarks. There are many canons out there, but these are the overall top 12 sites in Ko-oren:

The Palaces of Katashi, located in Katashi, Yoshima - Historical - LinkPhoto

The Fort of Santa Teresa, located in Santa Teresa, Finisterre - Historical - LinkPhoto

Hazelberg, located in Poolrugge - Natural - LinkPhoto

The Amandine, located in southeastern Gehrenna and Surbourneshire - Natural - LinkPhoto

yDremdun, located in western Mawryshire - Natural - LinkPhoto

Glaciers, located in Aerellen - Natural - LinkPhoto

The Frontier, located in Straudum and other towns, Sudaefjoll - Cultural - LinkPhoto

Merchant cities, located in several cities, western Gehrenna and Surbourneshire - Cultural - LinkPhoto

The Parliaments of Ko-oren, located in Mayara, Maethoru, and Gehrenna, Mayara province - Political - LinkPhoto

The city of Aminey, located in Cote Austral - Urban - LinkPhoto

The Great Northwestern Trail, located in West Strand Riding - Route - LinkPhoto

Harbour and Gardens, located in Schemerdrecht and Sterrenwolde, Intermare - Scientific - LinkPhoto

Cities of Ko-oren
1. Aminey
2. Schemerdrecht
3. Katashi
4. Gehrenna
5. Greencaster
6. Santa Teresa
7. Willowbourne
8. Eaglebury
9. Furune
X. Mayara
=. Penstead
0. Sterrenwolde

National Parks of Ko-oren
1. Selesi Rainforest
2. Amandine Tri-State
3. Ferrovente Desert
4. yDremdun Archipelago
5. Tarrashall National Park
6. Western Amandine
7. Luna Park
8. Poolrugge National Park
9. Serevne National Park
X. North Etena Park
=. Amillon Marine Park
0. Aviansola Rainforest

Trails and Tracks of Ko-oren
1. The Great Northwestern (Eaglebury-Nyashawill)
2. Sudaefjoll River Crossing (Straudum-Dartha)
3. Alara-Echizen (Alara-Echizen)
4. Amandine Double Crossing (Étouille-Bruncester OR Étouille-Cirelbourne)
5. Leeshire Line (Idyllwild-Aubury)
6. South Bay Cities (Gehrenna-Amillon OR Gehrenna-Étouille)
7. Dartha to Middle of Nowhere (Dartha-coast)
8. Maethoru-Mayara (Maethoru-Mayara)
9. Aerellen Horseshoe (Aerellen-coast-Aerellen-coast-Aerellen))
X. Llandy-Mawrystwyth-Ocean (Llandy-coast)
=. Radius of Myaranowra (Myaranowra-Gehrenna-Myaranowra-Rozenvoorde-Myaranowra-Nyashawill)
0. Eaglebury-Idyllwild (Eaglebury-Idyllwild)

Architecture of Ko-oren
1. Tiered Boulevard of Aminey
2. Double Bridge of Greencaster
3. Parliaments of Gehrenna
4. The Willowbowl Arena in Willowbourne
5. The Harbours of Schemerdrecht
6. Mayara-oren Mountain Retreat
7. Santa Teresa Fort
8. yBherafon Hills Cricket Stadium in Llandy, Mawryshire
9. Caves of Cirelbourne
X. Courtyards of Katashi
=. Ferrovente Shrines
0. Palaces of Straudum

Maritime Destinations of Ko-oren
1. Lake Idyllwild
2. Eleanor Delta
3. Leleia Wedge Reef
4. Launott Falls
5. Finisterre Cliffs and Lighthouses
6. Amber Pools
7. Myaranowra Geysers
8. Tidal Islands of Burnet
9. Tarrashall Fjords
X. Aerellen Fisheries
=. Aonishi Tropical Terraces
0. Mayara-Maethoru Bridge

Museums of Ko-oren
1. Audiovisual Museum, Aminey
2. National History Museum, Gehrenna
3. Museum of Architecture, Katashi
4. National Hall of Fame of Sports, Willowbourne
5. Maritime Museum, Sterrenwolde
6. Finisterre Gallery, Santa Teresa
7. Centre of Experiments, Greencaster
8. Museum of Music and Storytelling, Eaglebury
9. Academic National History Museum, Schemerdrecht
X. Grand Hall of Greencaster
=. Grand National General Gallery, Maethoru
0. Museum of the Environment, Altiora, Aviansola, and Furune

Gardens of Ko-oren
1. Botanical Garden of Katashi
2. Fields of Grainshire
3. Anarcourt Estate Gardens
4. Greencaster Grand Park
5. Rozenvoorde
6. Experimental Garden of Maynard
7. Llandy Map of Ko-oren
8. Activity Garden, Willowbourne
9. Floral Path, Maethoru-Senoren-Mayara
X. Terrace Estate, Arakura
=. Amillon Pavilions
0. Garden of Eden, Santa Teresa

Science, Technology and Industry in Ko-oren
1. Mawryshire Canyons
2. Ansonville, Steam Powered City
3. Nyashawill Geocentre
4. Hydro-city Aonishi
5. Cirelbourne Silver mines
6. Lamau Electric City
7. Willowbourne Airport and Museum
8. Ferrovente, Wind Powered City
9. Serevne Observatory
X. Santa Teresa Naval Base
=. Ko-orenite Space Agency in Arboren
0. Gehrenna Instrument Museum

Towns of Ko-oren
1. Serevne, Aerellen
2. Almina, Sudaefjoll
3. Angelwoud, Intermare
4. Vurusen, Yoshima
5. Coloruna, Finisterre
6. Cévilliers, Côte Austral
7. Kirgithen, Mayara
8. Strongfair, Gehrenna
9. Tarrashall, West Strand Riding
X. Brighthaven, Surbourneshire
=. Abyss, Surbourneshire
0. Penstead, Mawryshire

History of Ko-oren
1. Leeshire Caves
2. Ko-oren City Ruins (at Gehrenna)
3. Open Air Ancient History Museum - Marinwood
4. Aminey City Museum
5. State Library of Mayara
6. Old Parliament of Gehrenna
7. Linguistic Museum - Willowbourne
8. Laringen Harbour Ruins
9. Maethoru City Centre
X. Open Air Modern History Museum - Amillon
=. Schemerdrecht Steam Terminal
0. Traditional Arts and Culture Festival - Llandy

Food and Drink of Ko-oren
1. Fruit salad biscuits (originally a way to prevent fruit from rotting, also includes (short)cakes)
2. Fish and vegetable burritos (staple food. Where fish aren't available, meat is switched in)
3. Fruit stews (dishes with meat/fish and vegetables, but sweet fruits mixed in for taste)
4. Rich salad, a salad consisting of meat, potatoes, and small bits of vegetables, served cold
5. Croquettes
6. Aerellen fish with Yoshima spices
7. Effectively a deep dish hamburger
8. Mawryshire seafood and small game with bread
9. Fruit soups
X. Battered and deep fried... anything, all of Eastern Ko-oren
=. Pancakes and syrup, served cold, often with cinnamon, vanilla, saffron, and other spices.
0. Hortensia tea (a group of teas that are extremely sweet)

Sports and Stadiums of Ko-oren
1. Soccer: Rikalathen Arena, Maethoru (SC)
2. Gridiron: Stade sur la Baie, Aminey (Caspians)
3. Cricket: yBherafon Hills, Llandy (Mawryshire)
4. Rugby League: Suzumebachi Stadium, Katashi (Wasps and Hawks)
5. Baseball: Katashi Dome, Katashi (Generals)
6. Rugby Union: Willowbowl, Willowbourne (Foxes)
7. Ko-orenite Football: Orange Bowl, Schemerdrecht
8. Soccer: Estádio Marítimo, Miradela (Branvón)
9. Gridiron: The Planetarium, Sterrenwolde (Dragonflies)
X. Ko-orenite Football: Surbourneshire Square, Greencaster
=. Ko-orenite Football: Hazel Arena, Straudum
0. Ultramarathons: 24 hours of Etena, Teragaseki and surrounding areas