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Clowns will eat You

In the grand scheme of things, there are the Terms of Service & Game rules.
Under that, we have regional protocol/rules.

These are things that will likely get you ejected/banned, suppressed or worse case scenario, reported to the Game Admin:

  • Illegal motto/custom fields/flag(as per game rules)

  • Spamming(multi-posting, flaming/griefing/trolling)

  • Publicly recruiting

  • Soliciting for a site not connected to the game(Facebook/Twitter...etc)

  • WA cheating(being kicked from the WA)

  • Being associated with a known 'raider' region/player

  • Being associated with a DoS player

  • Not playing well with others

Should one find themselves on the train ride to 'Kandyland'(The Rejected Realms), one may appeal the decision/action via telegram(you will not be permitted to post publicly on the rmb) to the original RO/Delegate responsible, contacting any one else will fall on deaf ears. All appeals are final until the Originating player is no longer in office/CTE'd or has the action overturned by current government, whichever is longest.

This is an ever-changing list(as offenders get more creative), so tune in occasionally for updates.