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Goldensonianism will be the new political ideology of Goldenson and I will use it to operate and lead this nation. To start, I will answer issues that are given to the current (2016) Presidential candidates in the United States of America.

Immigration: Secure borders with an effective amount of military personnel and an effective wall. Introduce a simpler system for granting citizenship with due regard to education about our nation and its primary language.

Abortion: Abortions should be illegal. Aid will be given to pregnant women, who declare they will legally surrender or give up for adoption, their baby (You have 90 days to rescind your declaration but will lose access to the aid mentioned here), in the form of care stamps for plant-based and scientifically good food and other essentials of baby care.

Guns: There should be multiple stages before purchasing a firearm or even a BB/Pellet gun. 1st, background check (local, state, and federal). 2nd, mental health test (this means a federal mental health institution with strict, scientific parameters, uninfluenced by corruption aka money). 3rd, mandatory gun training and safety. 4th, verification of proper storage and accessories to account for 3rd step and other things. Ban all gun shows and relative loopholes. Private sales must go through gun shops with all stages present. Provide incentives for those who pass all stages.

Foreign Policy: Participate in peacful activities with other nations and unite to stop terrorism. Promote science and arts and encourage other nations to adopt more scientific and effective reform of policies. Protect each other from corruption within our government and help representatives perform their duty.

Taxes: People vote for bills, they become laws, and fund them, it's that simple. Taxes on consumerism should be level and non-overbearing with rebates for productive consumerism such as solar energy. Taxes on productivity should be minimal with increased focus on financial markets along with regulations to prevent them from making mistakes and cheating customers. Jobs that relate to the creation of a non-financial product or selling thereof should have low taxes for increased growth.

Health care: Universal Healthcare is a detriment to our people's health and finances. It should be repealed and banned. Private healthcare insurance certificates should be given to the elderly for free healthcare and be able to choose the best healthcare provider. Regulations shall be placed upon healthcare insurance providers to prevent them from cheating customers and ensuring honest coverage. The FDA and USDA must be barred from receiving private donations and should work for the truth and people's health, not money and death.

Economy and jobs: Safe working conditions, equality, and low taxes with a global market that pays tarrifs and duties will ensure job creation. Those who cheat us and manipulate their currency and data will be given larger tarrifs and duties. More to be added here.