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Abbreviations of the Omniverse

Here in the Omniversal Giants Mark II community, some of us choose to use abbreviations for various terms, whether it is due to the unusual length of a specific term, phrase, or name, or just out of laziness. Below are the most common ones.

  • OGM2: Omniversal Giants Mark II

  • OG2: A variant of the above

  • TSOW: The Second Omniversal War, the first and current RP story arc

  • SOW: A variant of the above

  • AOI: An Omniversal Incident, part one of the SOW story arc.

  • OI: A variant of the above

  • E&O: Entropy and Order, the second installment of the SOW story arc

  • OG&D: Of Gods and Diplomats, part three of the SOW story arc

  • AHtG&PPPMOWJHtKoAJS&SC&bEAoC&E: All Hail the Great and Powerful Purple Portuguese Man O' War-Jellyfish Hybrid, the King of All Jellyfish, Sinomophores, and Similar Creatures, and by Extent All of Creation and Eternity

Okay, so no one really uses that last one. Too bad, too, because it just rolls off the tongue.

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